The Organization
of the Future

A Blueprint for Structuring Your
Optimal Customer Data Team
(Plus Sample Org Charts!)

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For many years, organizations have strived to deliver highly personalized and relevant experiences in hopes of creating happier customers and better experiences.

While it makes sense in theory, operationally, it has been hard to execute – especially at scale. Technology, process, and talent are all real factors that have made the dream of executing one-to-one experiences a real challenge. 

Check out our new guide, The Organization of the Future, to discover how with the right team structure and with the right technology, like Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), organizations can now make the one-to-one vision more of a reality.

The Organization of the Future guide includes:

  • 5 reasons why customer data and CDPs are critical now
  • 10 ways to structure your teams around customer data (with sample org charts!)
  • How to get started building your team and tips for finding top talent
  • 3 steps for selecting the CDP use cases