How To Build a Sustainable Tag Governance Framework

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Author: Patrick Hillery, VP of Solutions Engineering at ObservePoint

Tealium’s Digital Velocity conference is known for providing inspiring keynotes, value-packed session content from top brands and a plethora of engaging networking opportunities for savvy digital marketers, developers and technologists. Partners, customers and Tealium Experts will be hosting a series of intimate roundtable discussions at Digital Velocity San Diego May 14-15, 2019 on topics around transforming customer experiences, the power of data and so much more.

Tealium is excited to have Patrick Hillery, VP of Solutions Engineering at ObservePoint, host a roundtable on ‘How To Build a Sustainable Tag Governance Framework’. Join us to discuss key strategies for putting a solid tag governance framework into place.

If someone checked out your website what would they find? Possible broken tags?

The truth is, those little bits of code required to collect analytics data, personalize content, serve advertisements and enable retargeting campaigns could possibly be broken.

Here are the facts of life: tags have a way of showing up unexpectedly, dropping off without warning and breaking down on a whim. Yours are no exception.

If your website is large enough, the following could probably be said:

  • There are misconfigured tags on your website
  • There are unauthorized tags on your website
  • There are duplicate tags on your website
  • There are missing tags on your website

You would most likely want to fix this. But with millions of instances of analytics and marketing tags on your website, where do you even start?

It’s important to start with establishing a tag governance program with the right processes and solutions.

Join this roundtable session as we discuss how to establish a solid Tag Governance Framework; a process that encompasses the essential components of an effective tag governance program.

Once a Tag Governance Framework is in place, data-driven teams can reach new levels of credibility, accountability, confidence and visibility as they drive revenue and growth.

Key Takeaways from the Roundtable Session

Attendees will leave this roundtable session with insights of what’s needed to gain back confidence and trust in your marketing technologies, ultimately improving ROI and having the ability to generate results based on accurate data.

Preparing for the Roundtable Session

We hope attendees open up about the hardships and challenges of managing quality data and utilizing technologies and processes. You can prepare for this roundtable by considering what your answer would be to the following questions:

  • Why is it so important to continually monitor your data?
  • Why is data collection and reporting so difficult to keep accurate?
  • What is your overall plan regarding your tagging implementation?
  • Do you have a tag management plan in place? If so, who developed it?

Digital Velocity San Diego, May 14-15th, 2019 will be one of the most talked about data conferences of the year so register for the Roundtables today!

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