The marketing tips were a flowin’ at this year’s Partner Summer Summit and we are incredibly thankful for the ecosystem of partners that support the acceleration of customers outcomes. Whether it be the renowned speakers on the panel or our wonderful customers that took the time to attend to hear about all the innovations affecting the CDP world, it was an event to remember! For those who were unable to attend live, we want to share some highlights from the day!

Use First Party Data to Enrich Your Advertising Strategies in a Privacy Centric World

One of our many fabulous marketing tips refers to prepping for a privacy centric world. While it may be intimidating, Adam Schatz with Snap assured us that everything will be okay. 

Privacy is not a zero sum game. Having partners like Snap and Tealium to help your organization navigate the do’s and don’ts of data privacy not only makes your job easier, but also assures that you are operating in an efficient and legal way. 

Thus, with Snap’s Conversion API in cahoots with Tealium’s Events Stream API hub, you can have a privacy first mentality while still powering advanced measurement and targeting solutions all through your data. The Conversions API is a privacy safe, server to server integration between an advertiser and Snapchat. And with Tealium, it’s all powered by the Tealium EventStream API Hub. The EventStream API hub allows for enrichment of event attribution which ultimately passes conversion events to Snapchat. Once Snap receives those events, we match and attribute those conversions to Snap campaigns. Whether it be privacy, optimization, targeting, or measurement, customers can use CAPI to become more knowledgeable and, in turn, more profitable from their customer base. 

The data received helps inform and deliver ad campaigns in order to produce more targeted and better campaigns. In truth, we are already in a privacy centric world. Instead of putting off these changes until more drastic regulations arrive, adapt now and allow your organization to later on be more flexible and better equipped to handle everything that will be thrown at them. 

Watch the full session recording to learn more about adapting to a privacy centric world here!

Performance on People’s Terms with Meta 

People’s behaviors are changing and it is time we change with them. With a goal to be ahead of the curve rather than being reactive, Emily Wilson from Meta sat down with us to share her marketing tips on how Meta is preparing for the future.

As privacy regulations become more central to operations and organizations are faced with how to adapt yet still remain profitable, Meta is convinced that this will not be a problem. With an ethos that data and privacy can coexist, they are pioneering ways to make this the case for all. 

Conversion modeling and Pixels, which are designed to provide a more complete view of the campaign performance when data is missing, uses techniques like encryption and aggregation to make the most of data in a privacy preserving way. These new regulations and tools are giving people more control over how their data is used and shared with businesses. Meta is rising to the moment.

Every time we sit down with our partners we are reminded of the amazing work we get to be a part of. We know that integrating with a CDP can be intimidating but our goal is to make it as easy as possible. To learn more about how we can help create an easy and advantageous integration, check out the full recordings from our all-star team of Partners at our Partner Summer Summit here!

Transform Live Sporting Events Personalization and CX with Real-Time Data Activation

Everything from Retail to Hospitality is tailored to the consumer, why should Sports and Entertainment not be? 

We sat down with AWS who asked themselves this question a while back and have since used it to guide their innovation and goals. From journey mapping and persona profiling, they emphasize the importance of focusing on the lifecycle of the fan, which is part of the AWS philosophy to have customer obsession. Using real-time in a way we have not been able to in the past allows an organization to improve the CX experience from home to the arena.

Whether it be smart venues and dynamic ticket pricing to what time you should leave your house to get there for the first pitch and what game/ player you’re shown, using a customer’s data to improve and personalize their experience can satisfy both parties. Handling data, understanding it and then on top of that, playing into privacy and building a detailed 360 view of all the data points demonstrates the respect you have for your customers. By activating sports fan data through marketing channels and in-app video streaming, the future of sports viewership is tailored to each unique consumer. 

Learn more about what great CX entails with AWS here

(And for those not in Sports and Entertainment, there are still amazing marketing tips that can be put to use in any industry!)

Create Deeper Customer Connections By Going Beyond the Technology

Allowing customer experience to drive innovation and help you set goals, rather than allowing your Martech stack to dictate what is possible, was at the center of our fireside chat with Ian Dailey from Invoca, Michael Davis from Shift Paradigm, and Aric Zion from Zion and Zion. It is easy to fall into the limitations of your technology. However, determining how you want to use your Martech stack in conjunction with other non-technological CX touchpoints will ensure that you guide the CX rather than the technology guiding you. 

While technology is vital to enabling a deeper customer experience, an organization must assure that they also have the right people working for them, and that those people are informed by the customer data. There are a lot of amazing marketing tools out there. But organizations need to strategically differentiate themselves and using the same tools or ideas as your competitors is not enough. For their marketing tips, these partners tell you to focus on balancing an evaluation of what is made possible by your Martech tools with innovating the CX in conjunction with your customer data in person and offline. 

Ian Dailey says it best as he explains that you can design the most beautiful digital experience but as soon as someone crosses channels and they have a rude agent that doesn’t know their background, they are going to leave. “76% of consumers will stop doing business with a brand after one bad experience.”Ian Dailey, VP of Product Marketing, Invoca

Ultimately, recognizing that technology is an important piece of the puzzle, but not the whole puzzle, will help improve your CX. Watch the full session recording here for more marketing tips from our partners and to learn about navigating CX through technology and people! 

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