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Despite the benefits associated with tracking consumers via browser-based cookies and device-based MAIDs (user-anonymity, industry familiarity), it is clear that continued instability in the technical and regulatory landscape threaten the continued viability of this framework.

In its place a new framework relying on consented zero and first party data will provide the connective layer between advertisers and consumers.  Instead of working in the figurative shadows provided by anonymous trackers, we now have a duty to build a value-based relationship with our consumers allowing them to understand the benefits associated with providing consent to receive personalized marketing messages. Once established, this value exchange provides both the ability to ‘talk’ to an individual via personalized omnichannel messaging and, importantly, a paper trail documenting the consent provided by the same individual.

Building a first party data core for personalization with a real-time CDP

Deterministic Identity Resolution relies on configurable identity rules set in the CDP to dictate when two customer profiles will be stitched together creating a single customer profile. A simple example is when a user reveals unique PII (ie email address), a rule can be set to combine the activity from the current session to the profile where that PII was already associated.

Deterministic identity resolution offers specific advantages crucially important to the future-proof a marketing org:

  1. Control and Customization of Identity Resolution Parameters: You know your customer and their journey better than an identity resolution algorithm. If you know that call center data is more reliable than data obtained via online forms you can set rules to reflect this. Equally, a phone number associated with shopper-card data may not be the best unique PII on which to base a stitching event. You know your journey, you decide.
  2. Consent Papertrail: Accurately respecting consent preferences requires a trackable, rules based approach to identity resolution as, when profiles are stitched, an individual’s preferences are also stitched.  In the case that a compliance issue needs to be resolved, it is very important that a marketer can prove how the entity associated with the tracked consent was formed by showing the stitching path and the business rules informing each stitching event. Equally important is the requirements surrounding consent withdrawal. GDPR compliance requires that withdrawing consent should be as easy as granting consent – given that granting consent is usually a real-time process, withdrawing must be the same.
  3. Real-time Identity Resolution: Probabilistic Identity resolution relies on a batch-based process to stitch together profiles. This process can take anywhere from 24 hours to several months depending on the vendor. If real-time audience creation and activation is important to your customer journey, deterministic and rules-based identity resolution is the only viable option. 

Building on your first party data core with Acxiom

This appropriately conservative approach to building a first party data core can be selectively enriched using the newly released Identity Partner Ecosystem. One of the reasons that Tealium exists is to overcome the barriers experienced by marketers as they build ‘best of breed’ martech stacks by offering UI-based, no-code ways to connect all the moving parts. Identity is no different. 

One of the foundational partners of Tealium’s Identity Partner Ecosystem is IPG’s Acxiom. Acxiom, who were founded in 1969 as Demographics Inc, has been in the identity game since the 60’s, before the internet was a thing, but has evolved to provide some of the most cutting edge technology within today’s identity space. Together with Tealium, Acxiom can help marketers overcome some of the fundamental challenges of people-based marketing in a post-cookie and post-mobile identifier world.

  1. Better Targeting:  Powered by the Acxiom Real Identity Engine, Acxiom’s first party data graph includes both probabilistic and deterministic capabilities, as well as custom hygiene logic, enabling brands to select and add the most valuable data elements to the Tealium profile. This can be done via the available API connector and Tealium Functions. This low-code integration allows for real-time activation of audiences enriched by additional demographic data allowing for better targeting and more insightful journey mapping
  2. Improved Campaign Reach: The Acxiom DS API allows Tealium customers access to enhanced data hygiene and third party data append capabilities, increasing the accuracy of PII to improve ad partner match rates.
  3. Future-proof Media Attribution: Acxiom’s rTAG provides Tealium customers with a way to analyze digital campaign exposure alongside owned media in a unified identity domain, allowing for a holistic understanding of user behavior without the need to do further stitching or translation.  Acxiom’s direct mail heritage also allows joint customers to associate offline exposure (for instance, direct mail) with digital profiles.

Acxiom Data Made Available via Tealium Connectors

  • Data Append – Acxiom’s near real-time data append integrations return data from Acxiom to Tealium providing session level enrichment and activation.
  • Data Hygiene – Data Services API contains consumer profiles with third party data as well as data hygiene and identity services.  Real-time integration returns data from Acxiom to Tealium providing next-event level enrichment and activation.  
  • RealID  – With Tealium, Acxiom’s RealID is able to connect to the browser, ingest signals, identify the customer, update their profile, and act on this information with the right content, all within real time. Our combined technology allows us to update and syndicate consumer profiles in real-time across the Ad Tech ecosystem, empowering clients to deploy powerful experiences for their customers

For more information on how this foundational Tealium partnership can benefit your organization, check out our in-depth overview on the Tealium Acxiom Connectors:

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