In the fast-evolving landscape of data privacy, consent management, and digital marketing, Tealium’s 2023 Partner Showcase emerged as a beacon of knowledge and insight. As we look back on this enlightening event, we would like to recap the key highlights and takeaways from each day’s sessions and the amazing content our partners brought to their sessions. From consent management to Conversions API (CAPI) and identity resolution, the 2023 Partner Showcase illuminated crucial concepts that businesses need to understand in order to thrive in today’s digital environment. 

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing technology, data privacy, consent management, and identity resolution are top of mind for leading global brands. Let’s dive in!

Day 1 – Unveiling the Power of Conversions API (CAPI)

We opened the event to shine a spotlight on our game-changing deployment approach with various CAPIs. Through insightful sessions with Google, Snap Inc., Uber, and more, we uncovered the benefits of integrating this API, revolutionizing how businesses track real-time conversions. 

The comparisons between CAPI and traditional pixel tracking offered a fresh perspective on marketing attribution. Implementing CAPI helps advertisers drive desired outcomes by utilizing their own controlled information and data, including interactions with their websites, products, and services. The event exemplified how API-driven attribution can empower businesses to make informed decisions based on real-time data. 

Day 2 – Trusted Customer Consent

On Day 2, we set the stage to delve into the intricacies of consent management. Under the expert guidance of our partners like Accenture, BlastX Consulting, Wheelhouse DMG, and ASICS, we journeyed through consent collection best practices. Additionally, we delved into the nuances of GDPR customer consent and explored the significance of consent notice banners. Through vivid anecdotes and practical examples, we learned how consent-tracking tools enable businesses to operate ethically while maintaining compliance with data privacy regulations.

Day 3 – Resolving Unknown Identities 

During our final day, we took the opportunity to explore the complex realm of identity resolution with expert guidance from our partners AWS, TransUnion/Nuestar, and Slalom. Together with The Trade Desk, Rapp, Credera and Merkury/Merkle, we navigated identity resolution solutions. Plus, we delved into customer ID matching, and discovered the vital role identity resolution plays in delivering seamless cross-channel personalization. Throughout the sessions, Sav Khetan (Tealium’s Product Strategist) shared identity resolution best practices, addressing challenges and equipping businesses with strategies to overcome them.

Key Takeaways and Actionable Insights 

  1. Embrace CAPI: Harness the potential of CAPI for real-time insights into conversion data, enabling more informed marketing strategies and decision-making.

  2. Champion Identity Resolution: Invest in identity resolution solutions to achieve accurate cross-channel personalization, thereby enhancing customer experiences and fostering engagement.

  3. Elevate Consent Management: Implement transparent and effective consent collection processes, bolstered by consent tracking tools, to adhere to data privacy regulations and build trust with customers.

As we bid adieu to The 2023 Partner Showcase, your journey doesn’t end here. Dive deeper into Tealium’s wealth of resources, including The 2023 Partner Showcase on-demand sessions and our whitepapers about building customer trust in a privacy-centric world or the power of CAPI. Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the complex landscapes of data privacy, conversions tracking, and identity resolution. 

We value our partner ecosystem and as the chapters of The 2023 Partner Showcase close, let’s venture forward together, armed with the understanding that informed decisions, adaptability, and the right tools are the driving forces behind business success.

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Matt Gray
Matt is the Vice President of Global Partnerships at Tealium

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