Tealium makes it easy – it’s just a tag.

We’re excited to share that Tealium recently introduced a new Tealium SEO (JSON-LD).  Yes, your tag management system (TMS) can now help with your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts as well.

What does that mean?  I invite you to read on.

If you haven’t heard of JSON-LD or don’t have time for the rants of its founder, then the Tealium SEO tag is just what you need.

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How This Works – SEO in the Brave New JavaScript World

Old-school web crawlers and robots didn’t run JavaScript.  Or if they did, they didn’t do much with what they found.  That meant you had to stuff your keywords and information into your HTML source.  Now, search-indexing spiders are running JavaScript in the browser.  Lucky for us, Tealium’s TMS just happens to be a JavaScript solution. 🙂

Using the new “Tealium SEO” tag, you can inject information for Google’s robots to pick up and use later when someone does a search on google.com.

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Search Results – Better than Ever

The end game is your search results on google.com are improved, and even a subtle change in how your search results are displayed could have an impact on click-through rates.  For example, search Google for “Tealium AudienceStream” and note the breadcrumb format of the search results.

tealium.com › Products › AudienceStream

Tealium and SEO with JSON-LD

The team here at Tealium, as expected, is leveraging this tag.  And here’s the good news: it’s a free tag available to any Tealium customer.

For those e-commerce sites out there, you can leverage the new Tealium SEO Tag to showcase your products, their current price, and even review/rating information.  This is a lot fancier than the above breadcrumbs.

Note: The same search on Yahoo search engine will show the non-breadcrumb-style version of search results.  Yahoo does not appear to be leveraging JSON-LD at the time of this writing.

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Hope you enjoy using this new tag on your site.

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Hilary Noonan
Hilary is Director of Content at Tealium.

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