Is there the appetite from consumers for their banks – the company with more behavioural information about them than any other – to use the data they hold to inform tailored offers or communications? The answer is a massive ‘yes’!

Listen as we chat to 2 of the world’s largest banking organisations, Barclays Bank and Santander Europe, on how banks have an opportunity to move from silent listeners, to engaged partners!

Resource Type: Video, Webinar
Topic: Customer Data Platforms, Data Layer, Data Orchestration, First-Party Data, GDPR, Governance, Identity Resolution, Personalization, Privacy
Product: AudienceStream Customer Data Platform
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Business Issue: Data Governance (Compliance), Data Governance (Quality), Data Readiness, Deeper Customer Insights, Digital Transformation, Single View of the Customer (Insights), Single View of the Customer (Personalization/Experience)
Section: Digital Velocity