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Moving Banks from Silent Listeners to Engaged Partners

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Is there the appetite from consumers for their banks – the company with more behavioural information about them than any other – to use the data they hold to inform tailored promotional offers? 

We don’t want to spoil the ending – but the answer is a massive ‘yes’!

Our consumer-led research from the UK, Italy, Spain, Germany and France showed a significant, frustrating, and as yet unfilled demand from customers for their banks to use their customer data in the same way as other familiar brands. To offer relevant, personalised, and generally useful communications and promotions.

The opportunity for financial services organisations is significant. It’s time to make the move from silent listeners, to engaged partners.

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  • What consumers in your country really want in relation to promotional offers from their banks
  • How, where, when, and why – country breakdowns on consumer preferences and their biggest frustrations with their bank’s communications
  • Frequency is key but how much is too much? Consumers give the answers.
  • You have the insight, now how do you put words into actions?