Molekule: Using a CDP to Resolve the Brand vs. Performance Wars

When it comes to digital marketing, the functional aspect of performance and the emotional aspect of the brand are always at odds. While one is easy to measure, the other indirectly impacts business in many ways. Now with data and technology, the separation of the two will dissipate as brand marketers become more data-driven and performance marketers get brand savvy. Brand and performance must work together across the entire customer lifecycle to deliver superior and efficient customer experiences.

In this session at Digital Veolcity San Diego 2019 with Gaurav Agarwal, Vice President of Growth, Molekule, you’ll learn how a Customer Data Platform (CDP) can fuel this hybrid marketing approach and deliver more impactful experiences across the customer lifecycle.

Resource Type: Video
Topic: Customer Data Platforms
Product: AudienceStream Customer Data Platform
Section: Digital Velocity