Better Together: Tealium + Nextdoor

Use Tealium + Nextdoor to better target, measure, and optimize campaigns with consented first-party data.

Powering Effective Conversion Measurement in a Changing Advertising Landscape

Digital marketing and analytics teams today face new challenges in the ways they collect customer data. The impending demise of third-party cookies, changing consumer behaviors, and new privacy measures, result in businesses having less customer insight to meaningfully advertise to potential customers and to measure the impact of those efforts.
What Does This Mean For Your Business? There are more limitations than ever before, like third-party cookie deprecation and other signal obfuscation methods, making conversion tracking increasingly challenging. Nextdoor's Conversions API provides a more accurate and streamlined way to track conversions, by leveraging data directly from your server instead of relying solely on client-side data. The combination of Tealium’s Customer Data Management and Nextdoor’s advertising solutions helps brands use consented first-party data to better target, measure, and optimize their campaigns.
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What You Can Achieve

Reclaim Your First-Party Data

Decide what data to share with Nextdoor and when to share it, as well as include more meaningful data, such as a customized customer value score or each step/action taken in a conversion journey on a website.

As the industry moves to better protect the privacy of consumers, browsers will cease to support cookies and other signals that today aid in optimization, targeting, and measurement, making server-side tools like the Conversions API essential for collecting and managing this data.

Strengthen performance and privacy

Strengthen conversion tracking reliability through consented client-side and server-side data collection points.

Improve Conversion Measurement & Targeting

Build signal loss resiliency in the face of an ever-changing advertising landscape. Improve targeting, modeling, and bidding performance by configuring important events like subscription, renewal, add to cart, and purchases associated with your campaigns running on Nextdoor platforms.

How does Tealium Connect with Nextdoor?

Solutions - Single View of the Customer

Nextdoor Conversion Pixel

The Nextdoor Conversions Pixel is a snippet of code that advertisers can place on their website to send website visitor events to Nextdoor via a browser. It’s the foundation of every website integration with Nextdoor and power solutions like dynamic product ads, custom targeting, campaign optimization, and attribution.

Solutions - Customer Analytics & Predictive Insights

Nextdoor Conversions API

The Nextdoor Conversions API (CAPI) creates a direct connection between marketing
data from an advertiser’s server and Nextdoor, enabling advertisers to measure the
performance of their marketing campaigns.

This connector creates new ways for advertisers to improve the reliability of data
sharing, leveraging conversion data that a website tag might not capture, and ultimately
help increase return on ad spend (ROAS) across the Nextdoor advertising ecosystem.

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