The North American Digital Velocity event is Tealium’s annual San Diego conference focused on marketing technology (MarTech), AI, data privacy, customer data management, and more! This year’s event featured dynamic keynote speakers, thought-provoking panel discussions, and hands-on workshops. Our session topics revolved around real-time data, AI, data strategies, and data privacy/compliance. We invited industry leaders, innovators, and tech enthusiasts to explore the latest trends and advancements in the Customer Data Platform (CDP) landscape. If you missed our San Diego-based event, we’ve rounded up our key takeaways.

Data Privacy and Compliance Remains A Priority 

With pressure increasing for companies to remain compliant in the face of changing regulations and non-compliance fines, Digital Velocity highlighted the paramount importance of privacy and compliance as the first step to your data strategy. When we sat down with MQ Qureshi of Ford Motor Company, he said “Data privacy is a fundamental human right.” 

Jodie Jansen Digital Velocity photo

Selfie with Truman The Teal Best and our Digital Velocity attendees!

We took the theme of “data compliance as a foundation” and built upon it with breakout sessions. This sentiment was underscored by Laura Chase of Wheelhouse Digital Marketing Group, whose session covered privacy-first data strategies as a key indicator of companies that will succeed in an increasingly privacy-centric world. Laura’s session, “Ok, You’re Compliant… Now What?”, she gave an example of acting like a controlled airspace, to centralize data management. Laura talked about the “Air Traffic Controller” (which oversees and coordinates the movement of all aircraft within controlled airspace and the “Data Traffic Control (which controls the communication and movement of data within that environment).

Attendees gained insights into how Tealium’s solutions can help them stay ahead of regulatory changes, building trust with customers through transparent and ethical data handling.

It’s All About The Data

Why Does Real-Time Data Matter?

One of the predominant themes at Digital Velocity was the importance of leveraging real-time data for informed decision-making and “owning the moment” with superior customer experiences. Real-time data is crucial for informed decision-making as it provides in-the-moment insights, allowing organizations to adapt swiftly to changing conditions while meeting performance goals. Universal access to real-time data empowers businesses to optimize and enhance customer experiences and capitalize on emerging opportunities with agility and precision.

Our session, “Level Up Your Data Strategy Using the Right Data at the Right Time”, featured insights from Marlowe Geramanis (Braze) and Steven Aldrich (Ragnarok). They covered how our partnerships work in tandem to manage data-driven strategies, customer journeys, and campaigns. They underscored how real-time data allows you to ensure contextually relevant messaging is based on the most up-to-date, consented data, helping across the entire journey whether that’s accelerating the path to purchase or retaining loyal customers.

High-Quality Data Powers Better CX

Jeff Lunsford Digital Velocity

Tealium Founder and CEO, Jeff Lunsford, gives his opening remarks at Digital Velocity

As Tealium’s CEO and Founder, Jeff Lunsford said in his keynote speech, “Data is like blood. It’s essential.” Due to the increasing complexity of customer interactions across multiple touchpoints, organizations are recognizing the need for a robust first-party data strategy and zero-party data game plan. Zero-party data and first-party data are increasingly being sought after with Google’s announcement that third-party cookies are crumbling. Jeff also touched on how high-quality data is a must for data teams. Jeff stated, “Ask your AI teams about data…  They can’t get enough high-quality data.”

Digital Velocity emphasizes the role of unified customer data in driving personalized experiences and enhancing customer engagement. Our session with DirectTV, “Driving New Thinking into Modern Data and Technology Strategies”, underscored the significance of implementing Tealium’s CDP to improve their data collection and activation, while automating workflows, and achieving new levels of marketing agility. Since DirecTV seeks to drive rich experiences in all areas of the customer experience lifecycle, having a robust CDP helps them achieve better results.

It’s Time To Prepare for Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As digital transformation accelerates, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into marketing strategies is becoming increasingly prevalent. Digital Velocity showcased how AI technologies are reshaping the way organizations understand and engage with their audience. From AI-driven chatbots enhancing customer interactions to predictive analytics optimizing marketing campaigns, Tealium’s event highlighted the diverse applications of AI in the digital realm.

We sat down with Alan Ochoa from GSK, and Sharon Flynn from Publicis Sapient in our session, “Embracing the AI Revolution – How to Prepare for AI, Facts vs. Fiction.” They covered the crucial concepts of becoming AI-ready and having a data foundation to do so. Throughout the session, both Sharon and Alan covered the importance of understanding the data you need, and the value it will bring or the decision-making it will enable… Don’t just collect data for the sake of collection, or implement AI for the sake of having it! Make sure your data strategy and AI strategy can support one another.

A Flexible, Reliable Data Layer Supports AI

Our Product Marketer and Strategist, Sav Khetan, gave an example of the three flexible pillars needed for data layer flexibility. Using these three pillars (with usability, observability, auditability, scalability, and reliability as a base) will help you in AI preparation since your data layer is the fuel for your AI models. 

  • Multi-Purpose Data Layer – Your CDP and Cloud Data Warehouse (CDW) should work in synergy to help fill in the gaps of one another and create a multipurpose solution. For example, real-time data (CDP) versus batch data (data warehouse/data lake). When this is correctly implemented, you can unlock in-session AI scoring for Next Best Offer (NBO), AI chatbots, modeling advertising audiences, AI-driven advertising campaigns, and more.
  • Multiple Ways to Connect – Connected data is a must-have, and it’s something that should be available to members of your organization and tools that your organization uses. When this is correctly implemented, your team can access data from many touchpoints and activate quality data for various vendors/activations. 
  • Integrated and Centralized Consent – Last but not least, you’ll want to put your centralized hub as the feeder for all other activities because it acts as your data governance support system and enforcer. Since this is a “privacy by design” approach, it will help support Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) and auditability.

Attendees were given a glimpse into the future of AI-powered marketing (see our new product, Tealium for AI) and the potential it holds for creating seamless, personalized experiences.

If you missed our Digital Velocity event this year, and want to tune into our sessions, join our after party or follow us on LinkedIn for exclusive content.

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