About Adobe Experience Platform

Deliver personalized and connected customer experiences across channels and devices with Adobe Experience Platform. Leverage a unified and real-time data foundation to collect, manage, and act on customer data. Use Tealium’s connector to integrate your data sources and applications with the Adobe Experience Platform and access its powerful capabilities for insights, engagement, audience creation and activation, omni-channel customer journey analysis, and journey optimization.


This integration offers these features:

  • Send event data to Adobe Analytics
    Streamline and enrich the data from any source and send it to Adobe Experience Platform for real-time data collection and analysis.
  • Send profiling data to Adobe Identity Service
    Use anonymous and known identifiers from various sources to build a data management program without third-party cookies. Create real-time, unified profiles that maintain privacy-ready status and enable cross-channel activation.
  • Send audience data to Adobe Audience Manager
    Improve your audience targeting and segmentation with Adobe Audience Manager by connecting data and creating marketing opportunities across different channels and touchpoints.

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