About Domo

At Tealium we believe it's all about the data: clean, centralized, correlated and actionable. The power of the combination between Tealium and Domo includes: - visualization of your unified Tealium audiences and segments, combining your analytics data, marketing data and targeting data, all in one place - keeping you from having to purchase these data via separate contracts from multiple vendors; - real-time, person-based Tealium data which brings your Domo reporting to life - demonstrating correlations between decreased abandonment/increased conversion as a result of your targeting efforts, highlighting cross-device journeys as a person explores your brand via mobile, app and web, and more; - taking action on your data with Tealium's technology-agnostic approach, making your digital marketing technologies (Domo reporting, email, display, targeting, personalization) work in harmony together - solving a significant challenge as your martech count increases. Our integration with leading business intelligence and management solutions allows you to visualize that visitor-centric, event-level data in real time - providing much more granular insight into how your audience segments are behaving across channels and informing more relevant, effective customer engagement strategies.


This integration offers these features:

  • Send Visitor Data
    Send visitor data to a Domo's JSON Webhook endpoint.
  • Send Event Data
    Send event data to a Domo's JSON Webhook endpoint.
  • Send Customized Data (Advanced)
    Send Customized Data to Delivery Stream (Advanced) to a Domo's JSON Webhook endpoint.

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