About Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware)

Tealium's integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud enables marketers to easily deploy and manage their tag-based online marketing solutions on their own, without ongoing IT assistance and without JavaScript expertise. To take advantage, Salesforce Commerce Cloud clients simply install the Tealium cartridge. They can then add, edit and remove any digital marketing vendor tag through in Tealium iQ without ever touching the web page. Through Tealium, Salesforce Commerce Cloud clients can increase marketing agility and efficiency, reduce costs and dramatically increase web site performance.


This integration offers these features:

  • Demandware Cartridge
    Tealium's certified Demandware Cartridge integration automatically adds data layer object utag_data and utag.js to your HTML page source
  • Demandware Cartridge Download
    Download the cartridge in Demandware's XChange community


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