We are a multi market media agency, part of publicis media. Analogue business models have been shattered by the new digital economy. New methods are needed. Today, a media agency must think flexibly, learn fast, respond swiftly, collaborate widely, nurture technology, amplify ideas, read data and operate at the very heart of businesses. It must sit at the intersection of data and ideas. There is a parallel for this in technology. It’s called Open Source.

Open Source is a philosophy born in the world of software development that has since been applied to other fields. The core principle is that the source code of software programs be made publically available for adaptation, modification and development. It is an approach to work that is decentralised, people-focused and full of possibility. Open Source has influenced the world’s most innovative businesses, from the sharing economy of Airbnb to the crowdfunding finance of Zopa to access-driven entertainment platforms like Spotify.

Its methods have greatly influenced us and we believe that Open Source behaviours not only make sense for a media agency, they are what are needed for a modern media agency to excel. Which is why we are calling ourselves ‘The Open Source Media Agency’.

Website: www.blue449.com