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Servian is Australia’s leading data consultancy providing Advisory, Consulting and Managed Services to the Australia’s largest enterprises and Federal/State government agencies. Our offerings span 5 core pillars:

– Data & Analytics: We drive competitive advantage for our customers by enabling them to become truly data driven. We help organisations implement design and robust enterprise data management strategies and modern BI Platform builds that ensure the security, accuracy and reliability of data. That is only the start of the journey. We can also transform and operationalise your analytics so you can use data to proactively respond to customer’s needs rather than interpreting past behaviour.
– Artificial Intelligence: Servian’s AI pillar is everything to do with future ways of working, including humans interacting with machines, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. This includes: Chat bots, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Speech Recognition, Image and Video Classifications and Recommendation Engines.
– Digital: Digital is the dominant channel in most organisations today and those that use data to drive the development of digital experiences are industry leaders. Our digital solutions benefit from our experience in building data and analytic solutions. Our teams are a mix of data and digital experts focused on building rich data driven digital experiences and driving the end user experience through the smart use of data integration and enabling you to become a digital organisation.
– Customer Engagement: Increasingly, organisations are adopting a customer-first mindset in everything they do. Our Customer Engagement solutions focus on bringing our expertise in Data & Analytics and Digital to help your business progress from segmentation to one on one personalisation to engage and delight your customers. We help you engage your customers in relevant conversations across all channels by building a strong foundation in customer data and analytics and developing the right digital solutions to support execution.
– Cloud & Technology: Every hour spent managing your infrastructure is an hour not spent on core business operations. Cloud is changing the way organisations run their business. Near universal access to cloud infrastructure has enabled new business models and transformed traditional models. Our Cloud and Technology solutions focus on exploiting innovations in technology to drive business efficiencies in your organisation and spans across our other verticals of Data & Analytics, Digital, Customer Engagement and AI.

Through our advisory-led services, we are able to architect, deliver and provide ongoing operational management of our customer’s data platforms.
– Advisory Services: Servian’s Management consultants have a broad range of skills and experience, across a multitude of business domains. Our Advisory Services include strategic roadmaps, gap analysis, architectural design & reviews and cloud first approaches for new projects and lift & shift migrations.
– Professional Services: Our Professional Service consultants include 95%+ of our business. All of these consultants are technically capable and experienced to deliver across our core competencies.
– Managed Services: Our Managed Services practice includes onshore teams in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, with an offshore capability in Bangalore, India. We can service a variety of solutions, including cloud infrastructure through to application level support.

Serivan’s wealth of experience spans more than traditional data platforms including architecture and delivery of large scale analytic platforms, industry leading video analytics AI solutions, user experience, digital/web app design and build.


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