San Diego, CA (September 4, 2013) — Tealium®, the leader in enterprise tag management, today announced the launch of new capabilities for advanced deployment of testing and optimization vendors, helping digital marketers improve online testing results while reducing their reliance on IT.

The new capabilities, detailed in a free white paper entitled “Improving Testing & Optimization: Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Tag Management Solution,” are available within Tealium iQ, the company’s market-leading enterprise tag management solution. The new features include:

  • Flickerless support – Allows customers to run their optimization tests without “flicker,” which occurs when original content is displayed, followed by the test content.
  • Integrating test data with analytics – Marketers can pass test data directly into their web analytics solutions, allowing them to correlate their test data with various visitor segments.
  • Testing by segments – Users can design their tests to be run for only a specific segment of their audience. For example, a test may be set up to run for only existing customers.
  • Nested tests – Users can create nested rules to avoid the potential conflict that can occur when running simultaneous tests.
  • Avoid the holiday “code freeze” – Tealium allows marketers to avoid the holiday code freeze and continue optimizing their site during the most important time of the year.
  • Define test areas without involving IT – Through the Tealium Web Companion browser plugin, Tealium users can select any portion of a web page and add specific test content without involving IT (such as mboxes for Adobe Test & Target).

Testing and optimization is an increasingly popular digital marketing strategy that involves testing different pieces of content against each other to achieve optimal conversions. According to the Tealium Digital 100, which identifies the most widely used digital marketing solutions, testing and optimization is the third most popular vendor category. Simply put, testing and optimization is technically complicated, requiring marketers to work across teams and sapping valuable IT resources.

“Testing is one of the most effective ways for organizations to boost conversion rates. Until now, the heavy dependence on IT has reduced an organization’s ability to do testing,” said Mike Anderson, CTO and Co-Founder of Tealium. “These new capabilities empower digital marketers to take their testing initiatives to the next level, and remove the IT burden in the process.”

For more information on the benefits of Tealium’s new optimization and testing capabilities, download the free white paper, “Improving Testing and Optimization: Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Tag Management Solution.”

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