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San Diego, CA (Dec 4, 2012) – Tealium, the leader in enterprise tag management systems, today announced that it has become the first certified tag management vendor to join the Demandware LINK Technology Partner Program. Tealium joins a best-of-breed community committed to accelerating the adoption of innovative commerce technologies that are complementary to the Demandware® Commerce platform. Via the certified Tealium LINK cartridge, Demandware clients can deploy and manage the web page tags required by online marketing vendors in a fraction of the time normally required.

“Tag management is becoming widely recognized as a foundational layer for digital marketing and we are happy to welcome Tealium into our LINK Technology Program,” said Jamus Driscoll, senior vice president of marketing at Demandware. “Tealium helps extend the value of our platform by making it easier to manage an even wider array of digital marketing solutions.”

A tag is any snippet of code that allows an organization to integrate third-party services – from web analytics to retargeting – into their digital platforms. Through the Tealium LINK cartridge, a pre-built integration module, Demandware clients can add, edit and remove any digital marketing tag via an intuitive web interface without ever touching the webpage, and without requiring any IT assistance. Using Tealium’s market-leading tag management solution, Tealium iQ, e-commerce marketers can launch more revenue-generating campaigns, free up valuable development resources, and increase web site performance.

“Demandware is an established leader with a best-in-class e-commerce platform,” said Erik Bratt, vice president of marketing at Tealium. “We are thrilled to become a certified LINK Technology Partner. Together, we can help retailers quickly and easily streamline digital complexity and improve online results.”

The Demandware LINK Technology Partner Program provides Demandware clients with a rich set of pre-built integrations to cutting-edge commerce technologies and applications that can unlock revenue-generating opportunities and enhance the brand experience. By reducing the cost and complexity of integrations, retailers are able to adopt innovative third party technologies quickly and cost-effectively, allowing them to accelerate time to market and realize a faster return on their investment. Through its LINK cartridge, Tealium helps extend the value of the Demandware Commerce platform by providing a pre-built turnkey integration with more than 350 major digital marketing vendors across key industry categories, including analytics, email, search, personalization and many more.

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