Tealium iQ Empowers Marketers to Manage & Implement Their Digital Marketing Solutions Without IT Support

San Diego, CA (July 26, 2011) — Tealium, the leader in enterprise tag management, today announced the launch of Tealium iQ, a new self-service solution that enables marketers to manage and deploy their digital marketing solutions by themselves without having to burden IT resources.

Tealium iQ’s new point-and-click user interface allows marketers to easily add, remove or modify the various web page tags associated with the vast majority of today’s digital marketing vendors. This means digital marketers can launch online campaigns faster, measure better, and easily swap out and test different marketing vendors before making a buying decision.

“The goal of tag management is to give marketing and measurement professionals direct control over their digital measurement infrastructure, and to eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming IT cycles,” said Gary Angel, president and CTO of Semphonic, the leading web analytics and measurement consulting group. “Tealium iQ does a superb job of that.”

Web page tags are used for everything from data collection and measurement to behavioral targeting and online optimization. Tealium estimates that up to 90 percent of today’s digital marketing vendors – web analytics companies, retargeting vendors, email service providers, affiliate marketers, etc. – use some type of JavaScript-based tag that needs to be implemented on a client’s web site.

How Tealium iQ Works

With the proliferation in the number of web site tags that must be managed today, Tealium iQ provides a single ‘universal’ tag that enables companies to manage and deploy all their different digital marketing solutions from one web console.

Until now, most tag management solutions still require IT involvement and JavaScript knowledge, but Tealium iQ is the first solution to allow marketers to manage 100 percent of the tagging themselves thanks to a new intuitive interface and instant integration with all major digital marketing vendors, from Facebook to Google Analytics.

Users simply click on a vendor, set some quick rules, and hit publish to implement their tags automatically. They can do everything from adding a Google AdWords conversion code to their confirmation page, to immediately launching a banner retargeting campaign – all with point and click simplicity.

“Tealium has greatly improved our online marketing efficiency, while also freeing IT resources,” said Houman Akhavan, vice president of marketing for US Auto Parts, which has more than 550,00 car parts in its online inventory. “We can execute our campaigns and digital initiatives a lot faster, which translates into better results.”

The Growth of Tag Management

Tag management has grown tremendously in recent years due to the proliferation of tags, according to analysts. Angel calls tag management one of the “most important new technologies in digital marketing today.” Although there are no official figures, Tealium estimates based on internal numbers that most enterprise-class web sites are carrying between 20-30 vendor tags on their web pages.

“With the launch of Tealium iQ, we’ve combined the best tag management technology with the easiest, and most intuitive interface in the industry,” said Mike Anderson, co-founder at Tealium. “We’re excited about helping companies simplify their tag management and streamline their digital marketing initiatives.”

Select Tealium customers include Cisco Systems, Dreamworks, Advance Auto Parts, Orange, Classmates.com (now MemoryLane.com), Nicole Miller, FingerHut, and Big Fish Games. Earlier this spring, Tealium added Limelight Networks CEO Jeff Lunsford as an investor and board advisor. Lunsford was the former CEO at WebSideStory, an earlier web analytics pioneer ultimately acquired by Adobe Systems.

For more information on Tealium iQ, visit www.tealium.com.

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