Tealium Now Serves its Clients’ Tags Through Multiple Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), Ensuring Unparalleled Scale and Performance

San Diego, CA (Feb 5, 2013) – Tealium, the leader in enterprise tag management, today announced that it has moved to a new multi-CDN (content delivery network) architecture, ensuring optimal performance for clients and giving Tealium the fastest tag management delivery network on the market.

Previously, Tealium used a single-CDN approach (via Limelight Networks) to serve its clients’ digital marketing vendor tags around the world. To add further speed and redundancy, the company has added two other high-powered CDNs, Akamai Networks and Edgecast Networks, to create a “marketplace effect” for tag delivery. In this approach, each CDN is monitored for performance every 10 minutes across 30 regions across the world. Tealium then intelligently serves tags from the CDN that is showing the best performance at that time, in that particular region. In third-party tests, this architecture shaved more than 100 milliseconds off an already fast single-CDN architecture.

“We know our technology occupies an important position within a client’s digital infrastructure, so we take the speed and performance of our network very seriously,” said Jeff Lunsford, CEO of Tealium, and the former CEO of Limelight Networks. “This new multi-CDN approach allows us to continually serve our clients’ tags from a ‘zone of peak performance.’ There is nothing faster or more scalable in the industry.”

“This is one of the reasons we chose Tealium: they are smart technologists who never stop working to provide the best technology and service for their clients,” said Richie Hannah, director of digital marketing for GreatCall, a leader in wireless services focused on helping to keep customers connected, safe and healthy. “This new multi-CDN architecture ensures that our vendor tags will be delivered in the fastest and most efficient way possible, while providing built-in redundancy.”

To read more about Tealium’s new architecture, please download the free white paper: “The Tealium Advantage: How Multi-CDN Architecture Creates the World’s Fastest Tag Management Delivery Network.”

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