Protecting Your Privacy and Your Data

Protecting Your Privacy and Your Data

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At Tealium, our mission is to honor your privacy preferences and always ensure that your personal data is safeguarded when you engage with us and our technology.

Our technology platform — known as the Tealium Customer Data Hub — helps companies manage the data that flows between their customers or users and their digital properties (such as their web site, mobile apps, etc.) This helps companies better understand you as an individual, so they can tailor their communications, marketing, and experiences to serve you better.

This page will help you understand how your data is handled and how you can access or delete your data.

First off, it’s important to note that Tealium works in two different modes when it comes to your data: as a controller of data and as a processor of data.

Tealium as a “Controller”

When you visit and engage with our web content and marketing materials, Tealium may collect data about you. In this case, we have a direct relationship with you and we are tasked with several important responsibilities when it comes to controlling the data you share with us, including:

  • Letting you know that we would like to collect information about you and how that information is used
  • Giving you the option to consent or not consent to this tracking and data collection (and revoke it in the future)
  • Protecting that data

You can access data collected by Tealium or request that we delete your data at any time using the form below.

Review our privacy policy

Review our cookie policy

Tealium as a “Processor”

Companies around the world use Tealium’s technology to help them manage and protect their customer data. In this case, Tealium is simply software that acts as a processor of that data.

We don’t use, share, or otherwise access that data, so if you’d like to adjust your privacy and consent status, or learn more about the privacy policies in place with that company, you should visit their website for further detail.

You can check and see if a business is using Tealium’s technology by looking at the HTML source code and looking for “” or by using a browser plug-in

Learn more about how Tealium’s technology works.

Access or delete your personal data

Please complete the following information to access, amend, or delete your personal data. If you have any questions, you may also email