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Deliver a Personalized and Consistent Call Center Experience for Patients By Pairing Online and Offline Data Together

How Providence St. Joseph Health unified known and unknown customer data sources to provide real-time patient information to call center agents


Unify data sources for call center agents to provide personalized and consistent patient experiences


Pair anonymous customer data in Providence St. Joseph Health’s CRM with Tealium to provide call center agents with detailed and real time information on who was calling in and what source they came from


Provide a consistent and personalized experience for all Providence St. Joseph Health patients dialing into the call center

Connecting Data to Transform the Patient Support Experience

Call centers can be the most accessible way for consumers to quickly get in touch with the companies they’re interacting with. And while call centers have clear benefits like improving communication, reducing organizational costs, and improving internal efficiencies, anyone who’s called into a call center knows how frustrating the experience can be. Providence St. Joseph Health has over 119,000 caregivers/employees serving in 51 hospitals in more than 800 clinics with a comprehensive range of health and social services across the US. The leading healthcare provider wanted to provide the best call center experience possible by providing a personalized experience every time a customer called in and interacted with an agent.

Providence St. Joseph Health knew they wanted to center their thinking around the patient. They saw an opportunity to harness the power of their customer data and use it to transform their patient’s experience into a meaningful and personalized one.

“We wanted to put our consumer at the center of our healthcare ecosystem and have every function of the business delivering a consistent experience” – Madelyn Mills, Director, Marketing Platforms & Analytics, Providence St. Joseph Health

Patients interact with Providence St. Joseph Health in multiple ways – via in-office appointments in multiple care settings, form fills on the website, call center dial-ins, clicking on ads, engaging on social media channels, and more. The same patient may be interacting a lot with the healthcare provider, but because each interaction could be taking place on multiple channels of care, Providence St. Joseph Health had no way of identifying who the person was each time they took a new action or engaged in a new way. Besides a lack of personalization, siloed data in the healthcare industry can have monumental costs to the business – higher advertising costs, digital waste and marketing duplication, lower productivity and even increased risk to the patient’s health.

PSJH call center agents were taking a lot of calls (averaging 150k calls/month) and were handling a wide variety of things (escalations from patients, form fills on the websites, tasks, marketing inquiries, and more). Marketing wanted their call center agents to understand why someone was calling in so the call center could provide a personalized experience on what solutions Providence St. Joseph Health was going to offer them. If they were able to bridge the data gap, their call center could then be empowered to deliver even more personalized support.

“Siloed data has a cost to a business – lack of personalization, higher advertising costs, digital waste and duplication, lower productivity, and even increased risk to the patient’s health” – Madelyn Mills, Director, Marketing Platforms & Analytics, Providence St. Joseph Health

The healthcare provider wanted to join online and offline data together to provide the customer with a personalized call center experience but data was completely siloed between different systems as patients were interacting with Providence St. Joseph Health in different ways and on multiple channels.

Combine Online and Offline Data To Provide Personalized Call Center Patient Experiences

Pairing unknown data with known customer data would provide call center agents with detailed information on who was calling in and what source they came in from, in real time, right as the call was happening. One example of putting this process to work included providing a real-time screen pop-up to call center agents when patients would call in. For any phone calls that originated from a digital channel the pop-up would display directly on a call center agent’s desktop screen and would show things like last known URL for the caller, what ad they had clicked on or pages they had viewed, as well as other real-time, relevant information for the agent, right when the call was connected.

“We wanted to leverage technology that would bring together offline and online data that would enable personalization, deeper segmentation, and more efficient targeting” – Madelyn Mills, Director, Marketing Platforms & Analytics, Providence St. Joseph Health

How it Worked:
Connecting Customer Data With Powerful Technology
After placing the Tealium Collect Tag on their website, Providence St. Joseph Health then used a third party call tracking vendor to create unique phone numbers for specific web sessions. When the patient would dial-in, using the unique call tracking number, that number would then be associated to their web session ID (information that was created and stored in Tealium’s Customer Data Platform AudienceStream when someone would come to the PSJH site). That data would then be passed through to Providence St. Joseph Health’s CRM. Tealium then passes this information on the unknown user, in real-time, to the CRM, to then display that information through to an agent, in real-time. This information would then fuel the intel that lived within the pop-up displayed on the call center agent’s screen (as shown in the example below).

(Example of a real-time screen pop up for the call center agent showing what the caller searched for to get served the ad, what channel the ad was served to them on and the last URL they visited. This pop up allows the call center agent to get to the WHAT and the WHY about the call very quickly.)

Creating Personalized Experiences For Call Center Interactions At Providence St. Joseph Health

Displaying a real-time screen pop up for call center agents provided context around incoming patient calls so agents were able to deliver a more personalized experience for the customer.

Rather than spending a lot of up-front time on the call collecting the patient’s personal information or asking how they heard about Providence St. Joseph Health (for any inquiring prospective patients), call center agents were able to start the call by immediately focusing on helping the patient and finding solutions to the reasons as to why they were calling in.

In addition to the healthcare provider experiencing such benefits as having more solution-oriented and personalized experiences with callers, other helpful use cases are being enabled by leveraging the same technology used in the screen pop-up example. Once online and offline data is paired together and known customer data is fed into an unknown customer profile, Providence St. Joseph Health will have laid the foundation to be able to see a 360-degree view of their customer. Having more robust profiles on their patients will enable them to:

Providence St. Joseph didn’t just transform their patient experience with the Tealium software solution alone, the Tealium team partnered with the healthcare company to work alongside them in understanding the full range of their challenges and outcomes so they could deliver the best solution possible for Providence St. Joseph Health.

  • De-dupe IDs and individuals within their analytics platforms
  • Accurately measure online and offline interactions of one individual (rather than make assumptions of who someone was)
  • Enable further segmentation and targeting capabilities
  • Deploy extremely personalized communication and campaigns based on what they knew about the patient (ie: more information on a certain illness, additional support for a common disease, FAQ’s on an upcoming procedure and more)

“We owe a lot of our execution success to our partners at Tealium. And that’s whether it’s through our weekly engineering call, or account management help, platform configuration or strategic guidance. It really makes all the difference to work with vendors that understand what it means to be a partner. And Tealium has been by our side all along the way” – Madelyn Mills, Director, Marketing Platforms & Analytics, Providence St. Joseph Health

By leveraging Tealium to join together offline and offline data, Providence St. Joseph Health is enabling itself to put the consumer at the center of their healthcare ecosystem and start to deliver on their vision of having every function of their healthcare business delivering a consistent patient experience. The healthcare provider is committed to touching millions of more lives and enhancing the health of the American West to transform care for the next generation and beyond, and Tealium is helping them do just that.

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