As the curtains close on Tealium’s Digital Velocity APAC 2023 event, our innovative customer award winners are taking the proverbial stage to redefine the future of CX. In a world that remains in a state of flux, incisive and inspiring CX is now central to commercial viability. Yet, personalised CX at every touchpoint in a customer journey remains elusive for many organisations in a hyper-dynamic market. Amid market volatility, the differentiator between CX leaders and CX laggards is the ability to navigate macroeconomic headwinds by transforming into a future-ready data-driven enterprise. In turn, CX leaders are empowered to make better business decisions, faster, to accelerate competitive advantage on a robust data foundation.

This year, Tealium is proud to honour the following award-winning customer organisations that exemplify the data-driven enterprise of the future:

  • Digital Velocity Award Winner – Bupa

Multinational health insurer, Bupa, epitomises world-class data-driven digital transformation that has yielded enduring results. With a vision to deliver digital-first, customer-centric experiences built upon trust, Bupa strives to help people live longer, happier and healthier lives to make a better world for all.

With Tealium, Bupa has disintegrated data silos and improved cross-functional collaboration to accelerate data value organisation-wide. Bupa’s Quarterly Platform Forum provides a conduit via which to facilitate a continuous improvement approach to the implementation of its data-driven growth roadmap. In turn, Bupa has enhanced its market presence on a path to global market leadership in customer-centric healthcare.

  • Incredible CX & Personalisation Award Winner – REA Group

In a challenging market, global online real estate advertising company, REA Group, sought to competitively differentiate through personalisation of the real estate experience. With Tealium, REA Group could deliver tailored property recommendations via customised communications. In turn, this demonstrated the organisation’s commitment to consumer welfare through omnichannel targeting of property advertisements that contemplated the unique circumstances and preferences of specific individuals. 

At the forefront of data-driven innovation, REA Group continues to lead the competition through Tealium-enabled omnichannel excellence that advances customer-centric outcomes.

  • Most Trusted Brand Award Winner – Kmart

In a global digital economy, CX excellence extends beyond frictionless shopping and augmented experiences. Fundamentally, exemplary CX is founded upon consumer trust that powers personalisation performance. 

Leading retailer, Kmart Australia, leveraged Tealium CDP and TiQ Tag Management to create a bespoke centralised consent management solution that activates privacy by design principles throughout the data lifecycle.

With a privacy-led CX strategy, Kmart achieved an astounding 200% increase in its consenting customer base to yield the benefits of improved audience quality and enhanced conversions. Kmart truly epitomises the modern retail brand that has unlocked the power of trust as the basis of its intelligent personalisation engine.

Driving Loyalty & Retention Award Winner – Virgin Australia

Awarded to Virgin Australia Group for yielding demonstrable success in implementing data-driven initiatives to enhance customer insight, loyalty and lifetime value.

We’d also like to extend our congratulations to valued customer award recipients in the following categories:

  • Remarkable Growth & Acquisition Award Winner 
    • Awarded to the customer that has achieved innovation in the implementation of its data strategy by activating dynamic segmentation, personalisation for known and unknown visitors, optimised lookalike audiences and improved marketing efficiency.
  • Leading Innovation Award Winner 
    • Awarded to the customer that has demonstrated an organisational commitment to data-driven innovation to accelerate the achievement of strategic objectives.

Congratulations once again to our deserving award recipients for excelling in data-driven organisational transformation that builds business resilience. On behalf of Team Tealium, we wish you every success as you modernise the customer experience in a hyper-dynamic market.

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Anna Koleth
Anna is the Head of Product & Content Marketing, APJ at Tealium

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