The first ever purpose-built, Pharma Specific CDP solution.

Many things have changed in the last few years, and the expectations that society has for the healthcare experience is no exception. The consumerization of healthcare is in full swing, and pharma companies need to take note. 

Pharma organizations have a diverse data and customer experience landscape. The availability of information online (although it’s still good advice to avoid Googling your symptoms!) has empowered the patient to self-diagnose and look for available treatments. The doctor-patient dynamic is more collaborative than ever before, and this represents an opportunity for pharma organizations. On the flip side, looking at the HCP-pharma relationship, the pandemic shined a light on digital capabilities as in-person engagement (a staple of HCP relationships) all but disappeared. This proved how critical it is that pharma organizations have the capability to deliver a consistent, hybrid customer experience across digital and physical channels. All of this adds up to show just how important a dedicated HCP and patient data solution is for the pharma industry.

This offers a great opportunity for pharmaceutical companies who are looking to engage patients and HCPs in this increasingly complex omnichannel journey. But hard-to-integrate technologies, privacy compliance, and siloed brand line teams and different geographies make it difficult to collect and organize patient and HCP data effectively, not to mention measuring results and visualizing the effectiveness of campaigns.

At Tealium, we already work with amazing pharmaceutical companies across the globe to successfully manage and activate patient and HCP data using our core platform. But we’ve got news.

We’re going to make it even easier and more intelligent than ever before.

Introducing Tealium for Pharma, the first ever pharmaceutical-specific Customer Data Platform (CDP) solution. With a curated selection of integrations that glue together patient and HCP journeys, pharma brands can finally engage with customers in a way that builds on the promise of clinical strength and centering patient and HCP experience at the core of the business. And we manage identity in a HIPAA compliant manner from anonymous to known to ensure strict compliance, while enabling Pharma companies to orchestrate relevant and impactful engagement.

Watch Jay Calavas, Tealium’s Head of Vertical Products, discuss Tealium for Pharma, the first ever pharma specific CDP.


The Ultimate Rx for Success – 8 Examples of What our Pharma Specific CDP Can Do:

  1. No-code integrations with common Pharma tools (filter by Pharma to see them all) that give rich insights for CX action, including Veeva CRM, DMD by IQVIA, Doceree, and more
  2. Create advanced use cases and workflows designed to solve complex pharma-specific issues like enabling field sales teams, automating data flows across niche technologies, and measuring results, such as script lift
  3. Generate and use insights into how patients and HCPs are researching drugs to create a better experience
  4. Directly collect and connect data from online, offline and competitive touchpoints
  5. Identify users who are doctors and HCPs to target them with more personalized and relevant messaging in any integrated channel
  6. Serve ads and send emails to doctors and patients in an intelligent, HIPAA compliant way
  7. Tie back script lift to customer journeys and campaigns in a timely fashion
  8. Keep field sales teams fully up to speed as to the digital research being done by HCPs

For pharma organizations to compete today and tomorrow, they will need to provide a relevant and consistent customer experience across diverse targeted audiences, which requires managing customer data across a complex landscape. It’s no longer enough to have the best, most effective medicine (still critical, don’t get us wrong!), but also the experience to match.

Clinical excellence aside, it’s a competitive landscape that now comes with increasing demands for personalization across online and offline channels. Delivering connected journeys for HCPs and patients (instead of focusing on individual touchpoints) is critical for Pharma companies to increase prescription rates, adoption, adherence, customer satisfaction, and ultimately revenue growth.

Visit or contact us today for a demo to learn more about how Tealium can uniquely connect your data across the pharma landscape with the first ever pharma specific CDP!


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Hilary Noonan
Hilary is Director of Content at Tealium.

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