Customers have growing expectations with the companies they buy from and engage with. They understand that today’s technology should improve the ability to serve them better.

Here at Tealium, we are all about solving large technology problems. Whether that’s helping to integrate numerous marketing vendors or stitching visitor data across various devices, we always work to create a holistic customer view and seamless brand experience through the Customer Data Hub.

We’ve launched the Martech Challenge as a platform for companies to submit their toughest technology hurdles. Our team of digital strategists, solution consultants and engineers are here to provide solutions to real challenges faced by multiple teams everyday.  Check out some of the work we’ve done so far:

Media Suppression
Creating custom audience segments with first-party data can be a powerful strategy to manage overall profitability and brand equity. We show you how to create and suppress media from three valuable segments.

Enhance Your Marketing Channel Attribution and Reporting
It often takes a considerable amount of time to get the full set of data from all your different technologies. We explain how to quickly get clear insights into the channels that influence your business.

Powering Adwords with Online and Offline Data
One way to create better experiences across channels is to combine online and in-store data for optimization with your online advertising efforts. We outline how to power Google Adwords with your first-party data.

A Real-time Connection Between Salesforce & AudienceStream
Real-time, relevant marketing is mandated among most organizations. We show you how to adjust marketing campaigns and channels when a lead’s status changes or converts in a CRM system.

Protecting Customer Data via Tealium iQ’s Crypto Extension
Privacy is becoming an increasing concern for customers. We show you how to protect your customer data when passing to partner networks like Facebook.

As you can see, we’ve just gotten started. Tealium is dedicated to making the martech industry a little less confusing, one challenge at a time.

Submit your own martech challenge today and stay tuned for these upcoming videos:

•How to Prevent Sensitive Data from Being Passed to Analytics Vendors
•How to Advertise to a User Based on Their Weather Forecast
•How to Trigger/Send Push Notifications using Google Firebase Cloud Messaging
•How to Identify Dissatisfied Clients and Drive Retention

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Elena Hill
Elena is the Senior Manager of Global Digital Marketing at Tealium

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