A Message from CEO Jeff Lunsford

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“I’m Jeff Lunsford the CEO of Tealium. Today we want to provide you with an update. In a time of crisis, it’s really important to over communicate. There are four things we want to cover. Number one, Tealium’s virtual operations. Number two, Tealium’s platform scaling. Number three, our financial stability. Number four, our desire to hear from you, our customers and partners. 

On point one, Tealium has migrated very seamlessly into a 100% work from home environment. We have 480 employees around the world— Europe, the Americas, Asia-Pacific region—  and to help stop the spread we are obviously operating in a work from home environment. Everyone has made that transition.

Number two, on our platform scaling. We have seen incredible growth and surges in digital activity as the physical world has shut down and customers are only interacting with our customers digitally. We’ve seen over 100% growth year-over-year across our platform, across all products. In some products, like Mobile as an example, we’re seeing it over tripling— traffic is over three times higher than last year. The platform is scaling nicely. The engineering team is doing a great job. We’re 100% cloud-based, the platform is elastic and it also has all of the enterprise capabilities you need to safely and securely manage your data and adhere to global data regulations around the world.

As far as financial stability, Tealium is well-financed, we’re still signing up customers— we’ll sign up 30-40 new customers in the first quarter here. And we’re in fact still hiring. We’re looking for the best talent around the world to help continue to scale Team Tealium to support our 850 customers, the 1300 integration partners and vendors across the ecosystem and the 200 SIs and agencies that we work with.

And lastly, we really want to hear from you. We would love to understand your business, your challenges. Our platform is very flexible and robust and there may be ways where we can help you as this world shifts. So please reach out to us. Feel free to call your account manager, your sales manager, or jeff@tealium.com. I’d be happy to set up a call or a Zoom with you. 

Thank you for your time today. We look forward to seeing you back in the physical world when it kicks back in. In the meantime, let’s interact in the digital world. Everyone stay safe and stay healthy. Have a great day. Thank you.”

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