As Tealium’s co-founder and CEO, Jeff Lunsford, once said, “Every board has an Artificial Intelligence (AI) mandate, and is telling their teams to implement AI immediately.” Our blog explains what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is, what you need for AI readiness and AI compliance, data labeling for AI, and how Tealium for AI supports your models. Let’s dive in!  

What Is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? How Is AI Advancing?


Artificial intelligence, or AI, is the technology that enables computers and machines to simulate human intelligence and problem-solving capabilities. AI is set to significantly impact everyday life, from consumer experiences to global affairs, and data privacy policies. AI is advancing rapidly because many businesses are getting pressure to adopt AI practices in an attempt to keep up or outpace competitors. 

Let’s state the obvious: AI mandates are becoming popular. The five most typical features of an AI mandate include models, tools/software, compute/hardware, skilled experts and AI-ready data. While the vast majority of businesses can easily acquire the first four, getting your data AI-ready is presenting a challenge, resulting in more and more AI fails every day (which can cost your business customer trust). While having high-quality AI-ready data is the primary bottleneck to wide AI adoption, it can be turned into a competitive advantage.

Preparing For The Future of Artificial Intelligence


To prepare for the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI), start with a data strategy. 

Here are the four key tenants that your data needs to have to be both AI-ready and AI-compliant.

  1. High-quality – accurate, complete, consistent – it needs to have high-integrity 
  2. Governed – compliant, trusted, auditable – it needs to be collected with consent, and have an audit trail 
  3. Understandable – labeled, relevant, contextual – it needs to have context and meta-data 
  4. Available – interoperable, activation ready, real-time – it needs to be at the right place, right time 

How Can You Get Better Performance From AI


When it comes to the third tenant, “understandable”, you’ll save a lot of time and gain more value if your data has labeling and badging to deliver a richer Customer Experience (CX). Data labeling means assigning relevant labels to your data, helping Machine Learning (ML) models to learn effectively. Our tool, Tealium for AI, uses built-in tools to add relevance, metadata, and contextual information (including visitor profiles, audience badges, calculated attributes, and other details) to improve AI performance. 

What Is The Best Data Tool for AI?


Did you know that data scientists estimate that they spend 60-80% of their time on data wrangling? With the amount of data created daily, teams must ensure it is AI-ready at the point of collection. Cleaning and organizing the data after the fact is time-consuming, inefficient, and expensive. It is one of the main sources of delay and friction in getting AI initiatives launched. 

That’s why we built Tealium for AI. Tealium for AI is designed for organizations that want to leverage AI in their marketing and customer engagement activities and are looking to collect and use customer data for their AI initiatives. Here’s a visual of how we think of it.

Tealium for AI

Tealium for AI addresses key needs and pain points for teams looking to create AI-ready data 

    • Data collection with consent – real-time and comprehensive data collection for customer data created in any device or platform, with integrated consent, set up according to your customized data definition. 
    • Setting up for AI compliance – built-in features like consent integration, orchestration, obfuscation, encryption, filtering, and auditability to help with AI compliance. 
    • Data organization and preparation – schemaless data layer with plain English attributes and variable names, to standardize and organize the data according to your data strategy. Tools to correct, modify, and maintain the integrity of incoming data.
    • Contextual data labeling and enrichment – built-in tools to add relevance, metadata, and contextual information like visitor profiles, audience badges, calculated attributes, and other details to improve AI performance. 
    • Integration for AI activation – from real-time AI outputs to targeted audiences, to batch-based lists, activate AI models in any tool or channel – using our library of 1,300+ integrations, APIs, and Functions. 

What is Tealium for AI?


Tealium for AI is your one-stop solution for making sure that all the first-party customer data you collect is AI-ready. Right from the point of collection, all data is collected with consent, organized, labeled, transformed, enriched, and immediately made available to the right tool for model training or activation – including an auditable and governed data trail. 

With Tealium for AI, you can launch initiatives faster, reduce data wrangling, improve data performance, activate AI in real-time, break down AI silos, and reduce risk. To get started with Tealium for AI, explore our webpage and power your AI initiatives with consented, filtered, and enriched data in real-time!

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Natasha Lockwood
Natasha is Senior Integrated Marketing Manager at Tealium.

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