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When It Comes To AI,
Data Is Your Differentiator

Businesses trying to leverage AI have easy access to a large pool of models, software, computing tools, and skilled resources… But not many have AI-ready, first-party data. With data as your differentiator, you'll get an edge over competitors with better fuel for your AI initiatives.

What Is Tealium for AI?

Tealium for AI is your one-stop solution for making sure that all the first-party customer data you collect is AI-ready, at the point of creation. Your data is collected with consent, and organized, labeled, transformed, enriched, and immediately made available to the right tool for training or activation – including an auditable and governed data trail.

5 Pillars of AI-Readiness

Data Collection with Consent

Real-time and comprehensive data collection for customer data created in any device or platform, with integrated consent, set up according to your customized data definition.

Setting Up for AI Compliance

Built-in features like consent integration, orchestration, obfuscation, encryption, filtering, and auditability to help with AI compliance.

Data Organization and Preparation

Schemaless data layer with plain English attributes and variable names, to standardize and organize the data according to your data strategy. Tools to correct, modify, and maintain the integrity of incoming data.

Contextual Data Labeling and Enrichment

Built-in tools to add relevance, metadata, and contextual information like visitor profiles, audience badges, calculated attributes, and other details to improve AI performance.

Integration for AI Activation

From real-time AI outputs to targeted audiences, to batch-based lists, activate AI models in any tool or channel - using our library of 1,300+ integrations, APIs, and Functions.

Tealium for AI - Partnerships

Tealium for AI combines strategic technology integrations and partnerships in order to connect AI initiatives with the rest of the enterprise. You can work with foundational technologies like Sagemaker and Bedrock from AWS, integrate seamlessly with models or data from Snowflake or Databricks, or leverage your data and AI initiatives in Google or Azure - all in real-time.

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