The Need for Enhanced Identity Capabilities

As the digital marketing landscape continues to shift, companies are urgently seeking new ways to deliver personalized experiences to their audiences. Factors such as regulatory changes, the loss of third-party cookies, and the actions of walled gardens have created a sense of urgency in finding innovative solutions. Identity vendors have emerged as key players to fill this gap, but the marketplace is fragmented (with both built and bought capabilities), and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. According to one report, 60% of marketers think multiple identity solutions working together will be necessary to replace the third-party cookie.

Unlocking the Power of Identity: Tealium's Identity Partner EcosystemIn response to this challenge, Tealium launched the Identity Partner Ecosystem in November of 2022 to bridge this fractured identity landscape. Tealium’s native visitor stitching process utilizes deterministic data, typically centered around Personally Identifiable Information (PII), providing a solid foundation for identity resolution. While many identity solutions rely on probabilistic methods to identify users, Tealium offers a unique solution working in concert with self-built capabilities and our identity partners to form a more agile, long-term, and powerful foundation. By combining deterministic identity at the core from Tealium with the flexibility of probabilistic enrichment for specific use cases, companies get the best of both worlds— a stable foundation extensible with additional power for use cases where it makes sense.

Today, we are announcing an update to Identity Partner Ecosystem. With this update, Tealium customers will manage high investment identity use cases with greater efficiency, provide more holistic coverage across an emerging CDP area of importance, and drive more value by using these insights more broadly within a volatile, versatile, and uncertain technology environment. Case studies with our identity solution providers demonstrate noteworthy improvements to click-through rates, conversion rates, and reductions in cost per acquisition.

Identity Partner Categories

While all identity solutions are unique, some categorization is worth calling out as you consider your identity strategy.

Tealium's Identity Partner Categories

How Tealium’s Identity Partner Ecosystem Works

Tealium provides access to a wide range of identity partner integrations across its platform, including iQ Tag Management, EventStream, Data Sources, AudienceStream, and Functions. We are the only provider offering a complete set of tools to give you comprehensive coverage across the identity landscape. Our identity Partners offer a range of services to help marketers enhance their customer data strategies:

  • Data Enrichment: Identity Partners collect both first-party and third-party data, consolidating it into a single customer database.
  • Data Quality Assurance: To ensure data accuracy and reliability, Identity Partners continuously collect, clean, and normalize first-party data, ensuring that businesses have access to high-quality customer data.
  • UID 2.0 (originally developed by The Trade Desk) and Other Identifier Integration: Tealium’s Identity Partner Ecosystem seamlessly integrates with UID 2.0, an open-source ID framework set to replace third-party cookies. This integration allows advertisers to share PII while receiving short-term anonymous identifiers for targeted advertising.
  • AdTech and Publisher Support: Some identity providers within the ecosystem offer direct integrations with publisher platforms, supporting ad targeting and enabling the analysis of ad campaigns in privacy-compliant environments.

More Than Just ‘Resolution’

For Tealium customers, “Identity” means more than just resolving IDs. It’s also about your strategy for acquiring these insights (value exchange), complementing that with data enhancements that drive audience intelligence, and leveraging that data across the customer journey (not just your ads). Below are some key use cases that go beyond identity resolution to create meaningful customer experiences, improve ad targeting, and maintain user privacy.

Activate Addressable Audiences

Fill the gaps left by 3rd party cookies by leveraging cookieless identifiers and hashed PII along with first party data insights from a central source.

Benefit: Drive greater results from campaigns by increasing addressability.

Integrate with UID2.0

Unified ID 2.0 (UID2) provides holistic targeting and measurement for a privacy-conscious online world. Activate data in emerging channels like Clean Rooms, Connected TV (CTV), Digital out of Home (DOOH), etc.

Benefit: Improve ad targeting while maintaining user privacy.

Enriching Customer Profiles

Consolidate intelligence that identity partners have gathered and merge that information into customer profiles Tealium directly collects.

Benefit: More complete and actionable customer profiles.

Tealium’s Identity Partners

Tealium's Identity Partner Ecosystem

Who Stands to Benefit

Tealium’s Identity Partner Ecosystem is a versatile solution that can benefit various stakeholders in the digital marketing space:

  • Organizations Currently Using Identity Solutions: If your organization is already utilizing identity solutions, Tealium can enhance agility with data and reduce the risk of choosing the wrong solution.
  • Companies Addressing Third-Party Cookie Loss: For those striving to mitigate the impact of third-party cookie loss and achieve better scalability with personalized advertising, Tealium’s ecosystem offers a valuable solution.
  • Organizations Seeking Rich, Privacy-Safe Customer Data: If you’re looking to enrich your existing customer data without compromising on privacy, Tealium’s Identity Partner Ecosystem provides a powerful toolset.
  • Those Interested in Probabilistic Identity Resolution: Tealium’s ecosystem allows for the strategic application of probabilistic identity only in specific use cases where it adds value, minimizing risks while maintaining Tealium as the foundational strategy.
  • Benefits Based on Your Role
    • IT/Engineering: Realize operational efficiencies and cost saving
    • Media Managers: Grow your audiences and improve performance (improve ROAS)
    • Marketers: Use customer data and intelligence in more than just advertising
    • Analysts: Access richer customer views that provide more insights

Tealium’s Identity Partner Ecosystem is a versatile and powerful solution for navigating the challenges of the modern digital marketing landscape. By leveraging this ecosystem, marketers can unlock the potential of their customer data, delivering personalized experiences while maintaining data privacy and compliance. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Tealium remains at the forefront, empowering businesses to thrive in the age of data-driven marketing.

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