Video: Media Suppression Framework Session

 In Insights and Analytics

Optimizing a campaign can be a difficult task for any media buyer without the right strategy and tools in place. The KPI’s are usually similar when measuring performance – eCPM, CTR, CPA, etc. More generally, the overall goal is revenue. The revenue focus is necessary for success, but can be myopically focused on driving more conversions. If in the process you’re not managing costs, the margin will likely decline at the same rate your revenue increases.

Media suppression can be a powerful tactic to manage overall profitability and brand equity. There are of course levers to pull from the tactical perspective within each vendor platform to achieve this: geo-targeting, device targeting, dayparting, keywords, site blacklisting, etc. This video provides an easy framework for media buyers to use from the audience perspective.


Creating custom audience segments leveraging first-party data isn’t anything new, but when done right it can be a very powerful strategy. There are ways to segment and target your high value audiences. So what about saving money on your low or zero value audiences? Here’s a great way to align your bidding strategies, and your audience exclusion strategies to cut down wasted ad spend while maintaining performance.

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