The imminent phase-out of third-party cookies in 2024 heralds a revolutionary upheaval in the digital realm, unleashing profound repercussions that will reshape the landscape of online advertising and safeguard user privacy with unprecedented significance. According to Chrome, they plan to disable third-party cookies for all users in Q3 of 2024. As third-party cookies vanish, marketers face hurdles in tailoring advertising and tracking user behavior. Yet, within this challenge lies the prospect of forging innovative partnerships, opening doors to a realm of creativity in a privacy-centric world. Our blog, How To Prepare for Cookie Depreciation With Tealium + The Trade Desk, dives into this unique partnership that drives marketing excellence in a cookieless, privacy-centric world.

How Do The Trade Desk and Tealium Partner?

Together, Tealium + The Trade Desk serve over 380 global enterprises across all major industries, including financial services, media, retail, travel and hospitality, and pharma. By leveraging Tealium’s robust data management capabilities in tandem with The Trade Desk’s cutting-edge advertising solutions, companies can optimize their marketing strategies, deliver more personalized and targeted campaigns, and ultimately enhance the overall customer experience. 

Tealium’s best-in-class CDP starts with data collection, harmonizing customer activity into a single, holistic, and more accurate customer profile, all while managing consent to comply with all data privacy regulations. Tealium’s multiple integrations with The Trade Desk, including its market-dominant demand-side platform (DSP), UID 2.0, and new AI-fueled media buying platform, Kokai, offers an enhanced, first-party data activation strategy that is enabled throughout the entire customer journey. 

What Are The Benefits of The Partnership?

Tealium + The Trade Desk’s collaborative synergy empowers your business to proactively navigate the impending cookie depreciation. Our dynamic partnership excels in four pivotal domains, ensuring a resilient foundation for your future success.

  • Activate data in emerging channels for better targeting: While also maintaining user privacy, activate data within Data Clean Rooms, Connected TV (CTV), and Digital out of Home (DOOH), among others. 
  • Harness the power of first-party data to reach retail audiences across the entire customer journey: Leverage Tealium’s CDP to unify and cleanse data from across your entire digital ecosystem, in real-time, to enhance RMN (Retail Media Network) outcomes.
  • Improve the fidelity of multichannel audience marketing: By fueling The Trade Desk with unified first-party data collected through Tealium, marketers can benefit from advanced, precise audience targeting. 
  • Connect advertising campaigns with results in real-time: Through a real-time connection to the Tealium CDP, instant attribution and insights are linked to campaigns on The Trade Desk. Organizations can combine the first-party insights alongside the Measurement Indexes to understand the best channel and bid rates for their audiences and continue to improve lookalike modeling and experimentation for new strategies.
  • Monetize your data: Make your third-party data available to all buyers in the platform or only to certain buyers that you specify. Create segments for your data and set rates.

As we witness the swift advancement of AI and machine learning, enterprises with robust first-party data strategies thrive. By utilizing the Tealium + The Trade Desk partnership, we help companies embrace this momentum, placing the power of first-party data as the foundation of their innovation journey.  

An Example Use Case

Let’s say you want to use Tealium + The Trade Desk to streamline data collection and conversions and meet your KPI goals. You’d want to use Tealium’s comprehensive data collection processes to send conversion events from multiple omni-channel touchpoints into your The Trade Desk instance. You’re focused on the timeliness of this data transfer since it is paramount so that you can make data-driven adjustments! This means you can adjust ad campaigns, bidding strategies, and audience targeting, maximizing your advertising ROI.

The Tealium + Trade Desk integration delivers better personalized advertising campaigns. Tealium fully and seamlessly integrates with The Trade Desk’s UID 2.0; Kokai; Cookie Matching Service; Universal Pixel; In-App Events; Offline Conversions; and more. For more information, explore the Tealium + The Trade Desk partnership page

Post Author

Matt Gray
Matt is the Vice President of Global Partnerships at Tealium

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