Tag management is still a relatively new field, yet most digital marketers (87 percent) already consider the effective management of their online solution vendor tags a key to their online success. That is just one compelling data point from a landmark new ROI report put together by Econsultancy, in association with Tealium. The report, available free, explores the real, measurable benefits of using a tag management system (TMS).

Here are six select data points from the new report:

  1. 84% of TMS Users Rank Vendor Neutrality as Their Top Criteria – In a comparison of satisfaction factors, TMS users say vendor neutrality – the ability to work with any other technology – is their No. 1 priority. Why? Because if a tag management vendor bundles in another type of solution, such as web analytics, they will be less likely to work with other solutions in that category, thereby limiting the flexibility and choice that tag management provides. This is not good news for web analytics providers that provide tag management services, as some have done, or for tag management vendors that offer other digital marketing services.
  2. 69% of TMS Users Can Implement New Tags in Less Than a Day – This compares to only 23 percent for those who are still manually tagging with IT assistance. That’s a huge discrepancy, reflecting the speed at which tag management users can deploy their online solutions. This, in turn, enables them to launch revenue-generating digital campaigns that much faster.
  3. TMS Users Average 19 Tags, while Manual Taggers Average 10 Site Tags – Another compelling data point that again shows the flexibility and output that marketers are able to gain using a TMS. Because they are able to deploy and manage web page tags that much easier, TMS users can deploy nearly twice as many online solutions to help maximize results as opposed to their non-TMS counterparts.
  4. 88% Believe Digital Marketing Complexity Will Only Increase – As data driven tools become more standard in the digital marketer’s toolkit, a vast majority believe digital marketing will only continue to grow in complexity. Tag management solutions help temper that complexity by making it easier to deploy and manage all the online solutions that digital marketers rely on.
  5. 73% Say Using a TMS Helps Reduce CostsBy empowering business users to deploy and manage vendor tags on their own, tag management dramatically reduces the costs associated with manual tagging. The biggest reason is that solutions like Tealium free valuable IT resources from the tedious and non-strategic task of adding, editing and removing vendor tags. This enables them to focus on more strategic priorities. An impressive 45 percent say using a TMS was “significantly less expensive” than manual tagging.
  6. 64% of TMS Users See Faster Web Site Performance – Of those, more than half say tag management has made their web site “significantly” faster. This is hugely important as even a one second delay in page load speed can result in a 7 percent decrease in online conversions, according to data from KISSmetrics. Improving web site performance is one of the key benefits of tag management as it enables you to replace dozens of tags with a single line of code, while, in the case of Tealium, also implementing several best practice techniques that speed tag performance.

There you have six compelling data points about tag management. We’d love to hear your freedback. Our free ROI report is packed with tons of information and statistics about this fast-growing new field.

Download your free copy of the report today!

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Hilary Noonan
Hilary is Director of Content at Tealium.

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