Data Works

Brands and businesses compete on consumer experience. This shift from product to experienced based competition accelerates the need for greater consumer insight. However, bringing customer data together is often a long and complex process, especially considering the myriad of tools and platforms available to assist.

This presents challenges and opportunities for data teams across the organisation. How can businesses ensure they are collecting quality data? What are the best practises for bringing that data together? How can business act quickly and effectively on the data insights they receive?
Join industry peers for Data Works on Wednesday 28th November to explore the impact of data on consumer sales, and the wider positive impact of a consumer-centric data strategy.

08:30 – Breakfast Served

09:00 – Welcome & Introduction

09:10 – How Data is Driving Businesses Towards a Consumer Centric Approach
Data has long been considered a highly valued asset but what does this mean for businesses and how can they leverage the insights gathered? Tealium will share industry insights and customer use cases that are helping businesses build a consumer-centric approach.

09:40 – Interactive Session: Opportunities and Challenges Businesses are Experiencing with Customer Data
What are the challenges and opportunities businesses are facing with consumer data? Each table will work through scenarios with a Tealium team member to explore the role of consumer data.

10:10 – Building a Framework for Data Orchestration
Bringing data together is often viewed as a long and complex process with no definitive guide for businesses to follow. Tealium will discuss the best practises for data orchestration and the practical steps required by a business to move forward.

10:40 – Presentation of Findings and Discussion from each table

10:55 – Closing Remarks

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This event is the final part of a five-part series exploring the key considerations when working with data. To register for an upcoming event or catch up with the webinars, on-demand, please follow the links below:
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Wednesday 28th November

8:30 – 11:00 am

Shangri-La Hotel At The Shard London


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