Digital Virtualocity After Party

Stay in the DATA-lution a Little Longer

The Future Is Now: Reimagining Data and Technology Strategy for Marketing in Consumers’ Moments

The bar has never been higher for marketers – consumers demand engaging, relevant, and timely experiences, and have little tolerance for brands that can’t deliver. The disruption to marketing caused by empowered customers, constantly evolving technology, and new cultural hallmarks is undeniable, but more critically it creates a once-in-a-generation opportunity for the brands that successfully establish new approaches for understanding, orchestrating, and delivering customer experiences. 

The Art of Engagement
Featuring Monash University

This fireside chat with Amin Foda, Dave Lucas and Hakan Gogebakan will dive into Monash University’s secrets to mastering the art of engagement, how they have been utilizing a CDP as part of their data strategy, and their newest venture into Machine Learning with Tealium Predict.

Sitting Courtside with The Utah Jazz’s Customer Experience Strategy
Featuring the Utah Jazz

Join this session to hear from NBA basketball team Utah Jazz’s VP of Analytics and Digital Development, Jared Geurts, as he gives you courtside seats to view how personalization increased ticket sales and improved customer experience.

Raising A Digital Transformation Project Takes A Village
Featuring Direct Line

Digital Transformation is no small undertaking. So what spurs one of Europe’s biggest insurers to take that step? Hear expert insights from Direct Line’s team leading the digital innovation and changes on the key questions every brand contemplating a digital transformation needs to answer. From senior stakeholder buy-in to rallying the whole business around your cause, Direct Line talks through this real-time project from vision to execution as they get to the real heart of the issue.

Mind The Gap: Creating Continuity for Your Customer Journeys
Featuring Invoca and Quantum Metric

Save your customers from potentially frustrating interactions by joining data from Quantum Metric, Invoca and Tealium. We’ll be exploring the power that comes from combining technologies to deliver an outstanding omnichannel customer experience.

Putting ‘Care’ In The Digital Healthcare Revolution
Featuring Presidium Health

When it comes to the healthcare industry, no two patients are alike. It’s crucial to be flexible in order to address your patient’s specific needs and do so in real-time. So tune in to this session to hear how Presidium is putting personalization back in the healthcare industry with the help of data. Learn how you can better personalize your patient’s experience and be there for them when they need you most.

Creating & Optimizing Your Multi-Channel Customer Engagement Strategy
Featuring Leanplum

In this session, Leanplum’s, Wout Laban, will be teaching you how to optimize your multi-channel customer engagement. Tune in to hear the main challenges marketers face when it comes to creating digital engagement and how to overcome them. Plus, you’ll also hear his best tips for successfully A/B testing to optimize activation, retention, and monetization for your product.

Move Your CX to a Mobile-First World By Unifying Your Data

Your customer data is more valuable (and accessible) when it’s all managed together. Join this session with Kyle Brierly to understand how to ensure that every aspect of your customer experience strategy– across web, mobile, connected devices and beyond– shares the same up-to-the-moment data to fuel exceptional customer experiences. Plus, see what’s new with Tealium Mobile in the year ahead!