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Stay in the DATA-lution a Little Longer

Seeing Tealium with 2020 Vision: Product Updates

Are you ready for what’s next? As marketers and data professionals we always look to what’s ahead. Whether that means planning for impending data privacy regulations like CCPA or uncovering opportunities in new arenas like machine learning and mobile CX.

Join Mike Anderson, CTO and Founder of Tealium, and Sav Khetan, VP of Product, as they talk about what’s next for the industry and how Tealium is setting the stage for the future of customer data.

Tealium Predict: Drive Better Customer Experience and Insights with Data-driven Predictions

Machine learning (ML) is the next great frontier for delivering customer experience. Leveraging the power of ML enables brands to predict the likelihood of any customer behavior and take action to drive better results. Learn how Tealium Predict ML empowers companies to use machine learning insights to fuel personalized, proactive customer experiences across their entire tech stack. As part of the AudienceStream Customer Data Platform, Predict ML enables resources of all technical skill levels to create and use machine learning-powered customer insights to inform customer experiences.

Move Your CX to a Mobile-First World By Unifying Your Data

Your customer data is more valuable (and accessible) when it’s all managed together. Join this session with Kyle Brierly to understand how to ensure that every aspect of your customer experience strategy– across web, mobile, connected devices and beyond– shares the same up-to-the-moment data to fuel exceptional customer experiences. Plus, see what’s new with Tealium Mobile in the year ahead!

The Art of Engagement
Featuring Monash University

This fireside chat with Amin Foda, Dave Lucas and Hakan Gogebakan will dive into Monash University’s secrets to mastering the art of engagement, how they have been utilizing a CDP as part of their data strategy, and their newest venture into Machine Learning with Tealium Predict.