3 Ways to Stay Inspired & Impactful at Work

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Businesses everywhere are either having to shut down, cut back on expenses or drastically pivot due to the current state of the world. And those still fortunate enough to be employed may be struggling with how to keep going, may be feeling sad or anxious, or are going into overdrive working on endless priorities while still trying to figure out how to stay inspired and motivated at work. I recently sat down with Tealium’s VP of Revenue Operations and Education, Laurie Schrager, to see how she’s helping her team to keep going when times are bumpy, challenging and uncertain. 

Julie Graham: As someone who’s a leader of Revenue Ops, Education & Enablement Ops – how do you keep all of your teams inspired and motivated and engaged while things are constantly changing and uncertain around us as we transition to working from home?

Laurie Schrager: What’s most important is to know your priorities. There’s so much noise and so many people are talking – start by focusing on a few things that you can do really well. And prioritize those things that can have a great return vs doing a ton of things not so well. 

Then communicate your priorities out while also being sure to provide what the anticipated returns are. 

LS: Secondly you’ll want to understand your audience, or prospect or customer

For example – Tealium had to cancel all in-person training. Our Education Team had to pivot and shift on a dime because of restrictions on travel. They quickly transitioned to providing online learning and started trying out new things to make it accessible for everyone regardless of what was going on in the world. 

We also made the training free, which removed any and all barriers for customers and partners to join, which still supported our long term goal of having more trained and certified Tealium users in the marketplace. 

A sales rep took that initiative even further by proposing the idea of training furloughed employees, which has now turned into Tealium’s Learning Community having a job board for Tealium trained users. What an awesome way to help those who need it the most right now!

What’s great is that we have met and exceeded our goal of getting users trained all because we simply were able to pivot and shift to provide value and be there for our customers. 

And that’s important for everyone to remember – understand your audience/prospect/customer during these times, figure out what their challenges or goals are – and tailor and personalize your messaging/solutions/etc to meet them. 

Brands and people are transforming and moving and changing to try to thrive and stay afloat to see what sticks which is a really cool thing to see. 

JG: Exactly – we’re seeing that across the board. But I’m also seeing how trying to shift and pivot can be challenging for some more than others. This goes for brands and people. Some thrive on change and rising to the occasion while others are getting stuck because they’re so uncomfortable.  

LS: It’s important to be willing to try something new and to push yourself to do something different, all the while remembering you surely can’t do everything. This is why it’s important you figure out what the biggest opportunity and way is for you to make an impact. 

And lastly it’s important to be creative and try something new. There are so many good ideas floating around and other brands and teams are executing on some really cool things. Look at those to see what others are doing that you’re not, that you could start doing today. Maybe some things will last a few weeks and some will last a year. You’ll never know until you try!

JG: If you could give someone who may really be stuck or struggling or or anxious/sad or really just not finding any inspiration right now one piece of advice – what would it be? 

LS: You have to find balance and do something for yourself. If you have kids spend time with them (outside of the schoolwork/homework) or maybe start walking outside. Don’t let work absorb you just because there’s so much going on and a lot to get done. Figure out how to stay centered, and do something for yourself. Try something new, learn a new skill, invest in yourself. 

My hope is that in doing these 3 things I outline above, not only will it bring you more peace, and confidence – it will help you be an inspired, impactful and enabled employee too.

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