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Better Together: Facebook and Tealium Customer Data Hub

Tealium’s integrations enable businesses to utilize high quality, first-party data to improve their Facebook Ad Targeting and Analysis

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Key Benefits

  • Tealium’s integrations create better marketing and customer experiences across every customer touchpoint.
  • More accurate customer insights from both online and offline data sources.
  • Preparation for Industry changes: As the regulatory and privacy landscape evolves, Tealium’s integrations ensure consistent marketing performance regardless of industry changes.

Tealium’s enriched customer profiles, built from online and offline data, enable Facebook advertisers to take action using a complete view of the customer. Leveraging trusted, first-party data from across the customer lifecycle, organizations can maximize their media investment while delivering a high-quality advertising experience.

As a marketer, it can be frustrating to face limitations using data to engage customers how you want. Using Tealium and Facebook’s integrations, brands get unparalleled flexibility collecting and using customer data on Facebook to increase agility and drive revenue.

– Heidi Bullock, CMO, Tealium

The Power of Tealium

Better Data

Understand every customer across every touchpointBuild robust customer profiles from online data such as web and mobile, as well as offline data such as point of sale, CRM, call center, loyalty tools, etc.

Redundant infrastructure to collect and deliver data – Regardless of pixel or ad blocker challenges, Tealium provides options to better capture and use data.

Easily leverage Facebook’s Advanced MatchingUsing Facebook’s Advanced Matching can help you optimize your Facebook ads to drive better results.

Insights built into data with business rulesAudienceStream CDP builds out customer profiles with enriched data and identity resolution to enable better engagement.


Numerous Facebook integration optionsTurnkey activation eliminates manual configurations and makes it easier to use first-party data.

Client-side and server-side infrastructureHave confidence when serving or suppressing ads based on customer behavior across any brand interaction point.

Prepare for changing industry regulations around privacy – With the evolving regulatory and privacy landscape (for example, GDPR and ITP), our integrations empower data-driven marketers with flexible ways to capture and use data to better engage customers.

Access to data from 1,300+ integrated technologies

Facebook Conversions API

Featured Integration

Through Conversions API, marketers can better map and attribute successful customer interactions helping them build more efficient ads and measure the full value driven by Facebook campaigns across channels. 

Learn more about the Tealium’s Facebook Conversions Connector here.

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Integration Docs

Browse our Facebook client-side integration documentation to plan your strategy:

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