About tvOS

tvOS, the operating system for the popular Apple TV device, is fully supported by Tealium. This integration provides rich data gathering capabilities allowing your application to leverage Tealium EventStream, AudienceStream, and DataAccess. By sending events to the Tealium Universal Data Hub, Tealium will process, enrich, act on your data, unlocking the marketing potential you demand.


This integration offers these features:

  • Batch Dispatch
    Once a number of events equals or exceeds the remotely set limit
  • Offline Tracking
    Events are queued until connection is re-established
  • Collect
    Permits access to Tealium's EventStream and AudienceStream services. This feature allows for background event dispatching on certain devices and provides a lighter weight option to the Utag based Collect Tag.
  • Multiton Support
    This features allows for multiple instances of the Tealium library to be added to an application

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