Softcrylic is a data consulting firm. We bring a unique combination of strategy and engineering to the ever-increasing complex problem of data. We tackle data challenges at the level of data capture and validation through data modeling and activation.

We Make Data Work™ through multi-tiered marketing stacks with expertise across the Adobe, Google, and Salesforce stacks. Our focus is to Make Data Work for our clients. This comes in many forms from aggregating data, normalizing data, integrating data, activating data, understanding, and visualizing data. Our clients range from the travel and leisure industry to publishing, retail and banking. The common thread between our clients is their commitment to making data work as seen through their investment in those efforts.

In our quest to solve data challenges for our clients, we work with large enterprise, cloud based and marketing technology suites. We have a deep understanding of these solutions so we can help our clients make the most of their investment in an efficient way to have a data driven business.

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