Study Cites Huge Gains in Marketing Efficiency, Cost Savings and Web Site Performance Due to Tag Management Systems

San Diego, CA, and New York City, NY (May 16, 2012) – As digital technology grows increasingly complex, a large percentage of digital marketers believe that tag management is a key to their online success, according to the results of a first-of-its-kind user study by Tealium and Econsultancy called “The ROI of Tag Management.” The study, released today, is free and available for download at

Eighty-seven percent (87 percent) of participants consider the effective management of web site vendor tags (also known as tracking pixels) as fundamental to digital marketing, according to the survey of more than 300 executives, managers and specialists in the US, UK and Europe. Those using a tag management system (TMS) reported massive gains in digital marketing efficiency, reduced costs and improved web site performance. They were also able to use nearly twice as many online solutions – everything from web analytics to retargeting – to help maximize results compared to those who are still managing web site tags manually with help from IT resources.

The study, one of the first to survey tag management users on a large scale, was carried out by Econsultancy, an independent research firm, in association with Tealium, the leader in enterprise tag management. Highlights include:

  • 73 percent of respondents said that using a tag management system improved their ability to run marketing campaigns, with 42 percent describing the process as “significantly faster”
  • 69 percent of those using a TMS were able to implement new tags or modify existing ones within the same workday, while 44 percent of those not using a TMS said it took longer than a week
  • Those using a TMS had an average of 19 tag-based online marketing solutions, compared to only 10 for those not using TMS
  • For web site performance, 64 percent said a TMS boosted web site speed, with slightly more than half of those reporting that increase as “significantly faster”
  • Using a TMS also had a dramatic impact on cost savings, with 73 percent saying it reduced resource costs compared to those not using a TMS

“Technologies often promise to improve results and make life simpler for marketers, but they rarely deliver. Tag management appears to be an exception,” said Stefan Tornquist, vice president, research for Econsultancy. “These solutions streamline vital processes that are otherwise time consuming and complicated.”

Most digital marketers believe their industry will only grow more complex, with 88 percent of respondents agreeing that data-driven tools will become standard to the marketers toolkit. Despite the growing complexity, digital marketers want to be in control of their solutions, with 86 percent saying that making fast changes to marketing assets without burdening the IT team will be increasingly important.

“As the results of this survey indicate, tag management delivers immediate and clear-cut value across the entire organization,” said Ali Behnam, Tealium co-founder. “We are proud to present the results of this unique study and look forward to working with industry partners to help take it to the next level of growth.”

To download the complete survey, including information on top industry challenges, key vendor considerations and more, please visit

To view an infographic of the survey results, please visit:

Note: Organizations represented in this survey had web sites spanning e-commerce, lead generation, online publishing and more. Forty percent (40 percent) of companies had annual revenue between $5M and $250M; 20 percent had revenue of more than $250M a year; and 20 percent had less than $5M a year in revenue. See survey for complete results, including methodology.

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