Capgemini released a new paper which discusses customer experiences in today’s ever-evolving world, featuring insights from Tealium.

Today’s customer is becoming increasingly discerning. Think for a moment about the changes we’ve all experienced during the last five years: our online behavior, shopping habits and the range of interaction channels we use is vastly different for many of us in our daily lives. Covid-19 acted as a critical behavioral accelerator; pushing many towards their first online experiences through necessity and causing the digital natives to demand more. Familiarity and acceptance of the online channels grew as a result, and – even now – brands are fighting harder than ever to create value propositions and experiences that will attract and retain their customers and advocates…

Heidi Bullock, CMO at Tealium, states, “In an ideal world, organizations would be able to have a personal, one-on-one relationship with their customers. This works if you are a corner store, but most companies operate with thousands of customers, which is where customer data and CDPs play an instrumental role.  They enable companies to identify patterns, likes and dislikes, and importantly customer risk – both quickly and at scale. Having a thoughtful strategy for customer data is critical to deliver the personal and trusted experiences now, and to future proof your business.”

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Originally published by Capgemini 

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Corporate Communications Manager at Tealium

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