Creating More Personalized Customer Touchpoints Using Strategic Technology and Effective Business Processes

Tealium CMO Heidi Bullock states that one of the biggest challenges facing Tealium customers is the imperative to personalize their experiences, in line with a rising tide of consumer demand for brand interactions that are optimized. One major hurdle faced by enterprises is that their customer data is siloed, which is especially prevalent in more regulated industries such as telecommunications, financial services, healthcare, and energy & utilities.

She observes that the retail industry is somewhat ahead of the pack in terms of unified data architectures, and many enterprises in other industries are looking to retail as an example of best practices in CX. A second challenge is that many organizations lack the ability to have customers’ privacy preferences propagated throughout the customer journey, which again is particularly an inhibitor in regulated industries.

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Originally published by Dash Network, for its CX Innovators Series.

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Natalie Passarelli
Corporate Communications Manager at Tealium

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