By: Heidi Bullock, Chief Marketing Officer, Tealium

Workplaces are evolving like never before. The pandemic accelerated digital transformation and remote work, largely altering the face of office life. These changes have occurred so quickly, that many teams are still figuring out the best way to communicate, share information, and work in an engaging way. As many behaviors are holding from the pandemic, companies are shifting rapidly to figure out how to have a strong digital presence that is trusted, aligns with an in person experience, and is convenient. With more of an emphasis on digital, companies are trying to identify the best way to optimize their teams to support this transition.

Companies are increasingly adopting technology like customer data platforms to address siloed data or poor usage of data. The goal is to deliver timely and relevant customer experiences that also uphold privacy preferences. Yet, what are the right processes to follow around customer data? How should the team be structured? Organizing your teams to ensure you have the right skill sets and stakeholders is fundamental to making sure the vision of great customer experience – in a digital setting – can be delivered.

For more insights on empowering and building teams for the future of work, read the full article here.

Originally published on Nasdaq

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