Vast array of turnkey tag integrations empowers digital marketers and creates industry’s largest ecosystem of technology vendors

San Diego, CA (April 29, 2013) – Tealium, the leader in enterprise tag management, today announced that it now offers pre-configured, turnkey integration with 500 digital marketing vendor tags, a significant industry milestone that enables customers to deploy nearly any major digital marketing solution — from analytics to search marketing — faster and easier than ever before.

The 500 tag integrations within Tealium iQ create the industry’s largest digital marketing vendor ecosystem. These turnkey integrations help marketers streamline complexity and increase agility by enabling them to implement and manage their tag-based solutions by themselves without ongoing IT resource requirements. Technology vendors, meanwhile, benefit from ultra-fast deployments.

“Our eyes light up when talking with prospects who are already using Tealium because we know the implementation process will be fast and painless, and that our users will able to realize the benefits of our solution that much faster,” said Dax Hamman, Chief Revenue Officer at Chango, a real-time marketing technology company. “We are excited to be part of Tealium’s vendor marketplace.”

Tags are snippets of software code that many third-party vendors require their customers to embed in their digital platforms, usually for measurement purposes. Previously, marketers had to rely on already overburdened IT staff to integrate that JavaScript code into their digital channels. Via Tealium, business users are empowered to manage those tag-based solutions by themselves through point and click, drag-and-drop functionality.

Tealium’s vendor marketplace spans nearly every type of solution, including analytics, affiliate marketing, optimization, display advertising, email, search marketing, marketing automation, retargeting, mobile and more. Tealium integrates with vendor partners by assimilating their tags and implementation guides directly into its platform in a consistent, seamless fashion. Each tag is regression tested to ensure that there are no conflicts with other tags.

“Tealium has increased the efficiency of our digital marketing operations by greatly simplifying the process of deploying and managing vendor tags,” said Heath Westover, Vice President of Internet Channel Business Analytics for Bank of the West. “With 500 vendor tag integrations, Tealium opens up a huge universe of point-and-click tag deployments that gives us great flexibility to choose the vendors that best fit our needs.”

“Tealium recognizes that tags are about data and measurement and that marketing, not IT, owns measurement as a way to optimize online results,” said Ali Behnam, President and Co-Founder at Tealium. “Marketers don’t tend to take JavaScript classes, so we’ve built our solution from the ground up to put them in control, and reduce the burden on the development team.”

To become a vendor in Tealium iQ’s vendor marketplace, please visit:

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