Tealium and Indegene partner to help life sciences brands with robust customer data strategies to deliver superior customer experiences

Indegene, a leading global technology-led healthcare solutions provider, and Tealium, announced a strategic collaboration to combine Tealium’s customer data platform (CDP) solutions with Indegene’s life sciences domain knowledge and advanced data and analytics expertise. The partnership enables life sciences organizations to drive faster and better business decisions, elevate healthcare professionals’ (HCPs) and patients’ journeys, and enhance brand engagement.

As life sciences organizations prioritize HCP engagement and customer experience, capturing every moment of HCP interaction becomes vital to elevating their overall experience. However, with the large amount of HCP and patient data across millions of interactions, life sciences organizations often struggle to connect and collate this data in a central and secure place, and then use it for their communication strategies. As a result, these organizations are missing out on valuable patient insights that fuel business decisions in real-time.

Indegene will help global life sciences organizations of all sizes modernize their customer data priorities with Tealium. The joint capabilities are built to resolve customer data collection and storage, marketing automation and implementation, and data and analytics – ensuring life sciences brands can leverage the full power of customer data intelligence based on HCP, patient, and caregiver data. This seamlessly drives personalized and real-time messaging to target audiences and improves customer engagement across regions and brands. Also, with real-time dashboard and reporting integrations, the joint proposition boosts customer insights at a granular level and elevates the overall customer experience (CX) vision.

“As a leading global digital-first, life sciences commercialization partner, we are excited to collaborate with Tealium and help life sciences brands with embedded and AI-driven data capabilities that boost their omnichannel CX priorities. With the latest Tealium for Pharma offering, we enable global life sciences commercial teams with powerful data and identity management capabilities, allowing them to craft personalized and relevant experiences with life sciences brands,” says Vivek Ghai, SVP, Indegene Enterprise Commercial. “We will also help global life sciences brands uncover their customer behavioral insights and patterns from data silos across channels around the world – a key area that helps them become not just data first, but future ready.”

“Indegene’s life sciences domain knowledge and advanced data and analytics expertise are key to providing personalized real-time messaging to target audiences. Together, we will help our life sciences clients leverage the Tealium for Pharma platform to collect, enrich and activate relevant data for the HCP, patient and caregiver. A more engaging, privacy-centric approach leveraging best-of-breed services from both Tealium and Indegene will have accelerated outcomes,” says Matthew Gray, VP, Global Partnerships at Tealium.

Jay Calavas, Head of Vertical Products at Tealium, continued, “The life sciences industry is extremely dynamic and deals with many complexities unique to its space, including regulations and navigating a constantly evolving ecosystem. That’s why having a robust customer data strategy is critical. To take our platform to the next level, Tealium is proud to activate integrations with Indegene to zero in on life science companies’ ability to create better journeys for its customers, ultimately leading to better patient experiences.”

Originally published by Indegene

In July 2022, Tealium released the industry’s first HIPAA-compliant CDP for the Pharma space

Learn more about Tealium’s Pharma and life sciences capabilities here

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