Tealium Tag Management Console provides simple, turnkey solution to manage highly customized SiteCatalyst implementations

San Diego, CA – March 9, 2011 – Tealium Incorporated, a leading provider of tag management systems, today announced the availability of turnkey SiteCatalyst Toolbox for its Tag Management Console.

The SiteCatalyst Toolbox is a result of several dozen complex deployments by customers wanting to take full advantage of Adobe SiteCatalyst. It includes a simple drag-and-drop interface for customers to manage their SiteCatalyst deployments, including mapping data to props, eVars, events, as well as taking full advantage of advanced functionality such as merchandising evars and incrementor events – used to measure detailed merchandising attributes.

“The new Toolbox is a result of our relentless pursuit to streamline our customer deployments, while allowing them to get more ROI and functionality out of their web analytics investment,” said Eric Brousseau, VP, Technology Services at Tealium. “The solution is a must-have for advanced users of SiteCatalyst, one of the premiere enterprise web analytics solutions.”

The new Toolbox includes a number of capabilities specifically designed for power users:

  • Variable mapping: allows users to configure how data can be passed to the various props, eVars and events. For example, users will be able to trigger certain events based on desired criteria such as failed searches or purchase types.
  • Merchandising evars: allows users to get detailed reporting on merchandising attributes, such as popularity of products by size, color, brand and other attributes.
  • Incrementor Event support: also known as numeric or currency support. For example, users will be able to easily measure the value associated with gift certificate redemption using such implementation.

The new Toolbox is available effective immediately to all users of Tealium Tag Management Console utilizing SiteCatalyst.

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