New Web Analytics Implementation Framework Gives Business Users the Power to Control Implementations of Complex Rich Internet Applications

San Diego, CA – October 14, 2008 – Tealium Incorporated, a provider of high-end, results-oriented Web analytics integration and consulting, today announced the availability of Tealium TrackEvent, a universal tag designed to decouple development from web analytics implementation of complex sites.

Tealium TrackEvent is designed to work with any tag-based web analytics solution. It allows web developers to send generic calls from their web sites. It then provides business users with an interface to transform these calls into requests specific to their web analytics platform. As a result, web developers no longer are required to have detail knowledge of web analytics solutions. Instead, business users and web analytics practitioners can translate generic data into specific web analytics data points.

“By decoupling web development from web analytics implementation, Tealium TrackEvent lets business users manage the entire web analytics cycle, ranging from implementation to analysis to optimization”, said Mike Anderson, co-founder at Tealium. “The shortened business cycle results in higher usage and improved ROI”.

The new version of Tealium TrackEvent provides support for both HTML and RIA sites, including those built on Flash, Flex and Ajax. In addition, the new version offers add-on support. Examples of add-ons are “visitor engagement triggers”, “site search analytics”, “traffic sampling”, “query parameter capture” and more.

The extensible architecture allows customers to add features and functionalities to their web analytics platform without requiring additional page coding or web analytics implementations.

The new version of Tealium TrackEvent is available effective immediately. More information can be found from the Tealium web site.

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