The new data integrations with Amazon, Google, and Microsoft will enable organizations to collect front-line customer interaction data and stream in real time to cloud-based infrastructure for analysis and action

LONDON, June 7, 2017: Tealium, the leader in real-time customer data solutions and enterprise tag management, today announced new data integration capabilities at its Digital Velocity conference in London. The integrations enable customers to more easily stream big data into cloud computing platforms, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Addressing the limitations of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platforms, the integrations enable the collection and transformation of data at its source (user devices, IoT, etc.), as well as the streaming of that data in real time to cloud-based platforms for further analysis and action.

Tealium’s integrations will enable enterprises to collect, transform and distribute data from an ever-increasing number of sources spanning the customer experience spectrum – web, mobile, call center, physical store, IoT devices, offline data sources, and more – simplifying the process of using big data to drive customer experience. Supplying clean data from a single collection point further enhances the strategic value of IaaS platforms by enabling rapid analysis and activation of data, while consuming fewer resources.

Leveraging its core capability for real-time data collection and its global cloud delivery network, Tealium’s solution will integrate with Google Cloud via Pub/Sub, Amazon Web Services via Kinesis and SQS, and Microsoft Azure through Streaming Analytics.

“For organizations to implement big data strategies, it is essential to deliver a complete data set to IaaS platforms. But these platforms are unable to collect data from front-line user devices in a timely manner, which can limit the value of these strategies,” commented Mike Anderson, founder and CTO, Tealium. “Organizations need choice and flexibility when it comes to which providers they use for their data-driven strategies. Tealium’s integration with all three major providers underscores our commitment to vendor neutrality.”

Tealium’s unique position in the MarTech space means organizations can easily configure IaaS services to collect all front-line customer interaction data. As part of Tealium’s ecosystem of over 1,000 turnkey integrations, the company’s Customer Data Hub supports all major content management platforms as well as mobile and IoT devices, such as iOS, Roku, Android, and Windows. Using Tealium’s extensive and simple-to-deploy installation libraries, organizations can have digital properties integrated with streaming data solutions without the need to write custom code.

The product developments were unveiled at Tealium’s annual conference, Digital Velocity London, where leading experts from Santander, Vodafone, and the UK Ministry of Defence – to name a few – explored the power of data in transforming businesses in various panel discussions and presentations.

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