New partnership helps Magento customers manage any digital marketing vendor tag with point-and-click simplicity

San Diego, CA (August 1, 2013) – Tealium, the leader in enterprise tag management, today announced a new partnership with Magento, a leading e-commerce platform provider, to integrate its award-winning tag management solution into the Magento Connect Marketplace. As a result of the partnership, Magento customers are now able to get turnkey tag integration with more than 500 digital marketing vendors.

The Magento Connect Extension Marketplace is an online resource where e-commerce professionals and online merchants can go to find integrated applications from a variety of technology providers to help customize and enhance their websites. It is one of the largest e-commerce application marketplaces in the world with hundreds of applications to help merchants improve the online customer experience, drive more sales, and help manage their businesses.

“Tag management is quickly becoming an important piece of the digital marketing puzzle that e-commerce organizations should not ignore,” said Ryan Thompson, Head of Partnerships at Magento. “We are delighted to have Tealium integrated into our Connect Marketplace, where our customers are provided the flexibility to integrate with a variety of marketing software solutions.”

Tag management enables digital marketers to deploy and manage their mission-critical online solutions without depending on IT resources. By downloading the Tealium extension, Magento customers can seamlessly integrate Tealium’s software into their websites, allowing marketers to manage any digital marketing vendor tag via an intuitive management console without requiring software development.

“We are excited to make our tag management solution instantly available to the more than 150,000 Magento customers worldwide,” said Ali Behnam, Co-Founder and President at Tealium. “Tag management is widely recognized as a cornerstone for any successful e-commerce operation. We look forward to working with Magento’s customers to help increase marketing agility and performance.”

Tealium’s platform provides point-and-click integration with more than 500 digital marketing vendors, spanning multiple categories from analytics to ad serving. This enables digital marketers to launch revenue-generating campaigns faster and more efficiently, improve analytics deployments, and reduce the burden on valuable IT resources.

The Magento partnership reinforces Tealium’s market leadership position in e-commerce. Tealium’s clients include more than 30 of the top 250 e-commerce companies ranked by Internet Retailer. Tealium was recently named an eTail Rising Star for 2013 by Worldwide Business Research.

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