Amid increasing changes in online behavior and expanding data privacy regulations, the report reveals why customer data should be at the core of every businesses’ future plans.

SAN DIEGO | June 22, 2022 – Tealium, the most trusted and world’s largest independent customer data platform (CDP), today released an “Organization of the Future” report outlining how companies can organize their teams to drive optimal customer experiences. The report includes ten different org charts showcasing varying departmental structures for companies to consider.

Companies across the globe are looking for ways to better gather, organize, and activate customer data effectively so they can improve business outcomes. They require scalable solutions they can trust with a quick path to value. CDPs help brands achieve this by connecting customer data, unifying and improving it with overlaid machine learning predictions to create the best possible customer experiences, all in real time.

“The evolution of data will only continue to grow from here. Smart data management is no longer just a benefit for organizations, it’s a necessity,” said Heidi Bullock, Chief Marketing Officer at Tealium. “We are excited to launch the ‘Organization of the Future’ report and help companies make a seamless transition for both people and processes.”


The report highlights many factors the interviewed companies considered when successfully implementing a CDP. Establishing open lines of communication across your company in advance and widely broadcasting successes quickly following the implementation are some of these. “One major reason to publicize success [from your CDP] is to get other departments to come on board and use the CDP. They have to collect the success metrics to show these teams how it benefits their own interests,” said David Raab, Founder and CEO of the CDP Institute. 

The “Organization of the Future” report provides companies with the tools needed to structure teams around customer data, including:

  5 Reasons Why Customer Data and CDPs Are Critical Now

  Preparing to Bring a Customer Data Platform Into Your Organization                                                               

  10 Organizational Charts for a Maximized Customer Data Platform

  Factors That Impact the Structure of the CDP Teams

  How to Get Started Building Your Team and Tips for Finding Talent


To inform this report, Tealium interviewed analysts, agency partners and more than ten global organizations, including companies from different industries and sizes to incorporate a variety of  business optimizations.


The full “Organization of the Future” report can be found here.  


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